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Jan 12 2013
>It looks very nice!
The main work you did, I've done quite a bit.

>Do you want me to make a radience theme too
Would be great.

>so you can include them both in the package, or create a razor-panel-themes package?
It would be better to add them to the main package. I'll do it.

>Also I'm willing to help in any graphic needs the project has.
Our site isn't perfect. For netbook needs light and laconic theme. Wallpapers. Any GUI improvements and mockups.

>Check out my page
Portfolio looks fantastic. I particularly liked the - Dec 29 2011
Eugene started to build, over time the package must be available. - Dec 27 2011
I live in your theme on this days, it's really good.
I made a few small changes:
1. We can't use the logo of Ubuntu, copyrights, trademarks, and so on. I made a button with our logo (QSS colors + svg file). Maybe you can better, I'm not an artist.
2. I added a theme for the main menu.
3. I changed the background image on the gradient, the appearance has not changed, but a little faster.

What you think?

- Dec 27 2011
It's our fault. Eugene promised to build packages for Mandriva, thanks to Eugene. But we have a small number of Mandriva testers, so there may be some problems with dependences, any feedback are welcome.
Which version of Mandriva are you are using? - Dec 26 2011
Theme looks great. Send me the theme files.

"Ctrl+Alt+D" was captured in showdesktop plugin. This shortcut should be configured, could you open a issue on Until this is done, you can disable this plugin.

Thanks again for your interest to the project. And I am waiting your theme. - Dec 26 2011
I look at him. But I don't see the reasons why DE must have its own browser. Why not use the popular FireFox or Chromium. - Dec 19 2011

Thanks for the reminder. - Sep 14 2011
There are two reasons:
1. When I joined the project it already had this name.
2. If the project will have the name "Razor", then find it in the google it will be impossible. - Sep 10 2011
Thanks! - Sep 09 2011
This directory contains the menu files for the various DE. If you not have any installed DE, send me your email and I will send you a set of menu-files. - Jun 28 2011
This has been fixed in SVN. If you don't want to build from SVN, you can specify a menu-file by hand.
Change ~/.razor/razor-panel/panel.conf


- Jun 26 2011
Now we are discussing set of the programs in our mailing list.
If project is alive, we have no plans to include it in our sources repository. But likely, we'll make a metapackage which will install Razor-qt and a set of external programs.

Any package maintainers are welcome. - Jun 18 2011
Is a left mouse click not to does same?
Didn't hear about this project. It's necessary to look at it. - Jun 10 2011
Thanks! Right now I'm working on integrating your patches into upstream. - Jun 10 2011
Yes, it's in our plans. Unfortunately we have many plans, but few workers:)
Right now you can use axkb. - Jun 09 2011
Thank you!
Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with mandriva. Can you write a short instruction something like - Jun 09 2011
Thanks! - Jun 09 2011
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Sep 30 2010
Strange, link works for me, maybe troubles on a google.

Try the direct link - Sep 30 2010

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Oct 02 2016
Yes, it's possible. Please contact me via email for some technical details. - Jun 02 2010
Today, I installed OpenSuse 11.1 in the VirtualBox, and flacon works fine with me.
Please contact me via email (see address in the source files) to solve your problem. - May 31 2010
I think the reason is a version of pyqt. But this is only a my guess.
I'll try to fix the problem soon. - May 29 2010

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May 05 2010

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3   Jun 20 2011

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by Vegeta

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9   May 31 2011

Qt Tools
by VdoP

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9   Nov 02 2010
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9   Sep 23 2010