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Full Icon Themes 171 comments

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Feb 17 2019
Very nice work. But I'm using Plasma 5.7 right now. And it seems, that they introduced some new icons for update in system tray and emblems in dolphin, e. g. update-none, update-low etc.

Can you update your icon theme for plasma 5.7? Thank you! - Jul 15 2016

Utilities 49 comments

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Mar 01 2017
It would be nice, because you don't need to set up all the folder syncs every program start up. So you can automatically sync all the desired folders, e.g. for backups. For example I sync my folder from the work every week.

Your program is awesome. Thanks for the hard work! - Apr 23 2016
Is it possible to save the configuration (folders to sync)? After every program start I need to set up the folders new.

Maybe it could be possible through profiles like in grsync? - Apr 22 2016

by Vindex17

Score 76.7%
9   Apr 22 2016