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Josh Barrick , United States of America

Nautilus Scripts by sp00k113 13 comments

Thanks. I have updated to reflect these changes.
I don't really want to maintain this anymore. Anyone want it? - Dec 05 2011
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes by ubo 198 comments

is a couple weeks away. This would be an awesome present! - May 17 2010

Nautilus Scripts by sp00k113 13 comments

Going to try this out... - Apr 02 2010

Nautilus Scripts by sp00k113 13 comments

Awesome thanks, updating. - Apr 02 2010
Shredder Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by sp00k113 14 comments

New version uploaded. Think it will work for KDE4, but to be honest I haven't used KDE since 4 was out of IDK. Let me know how it works out. - Aug 26 2009

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by ded38fr 2 comments

You never had a husky huh?
I think the image is great. - Sep 22 2007
Zoo Collection -Rhinoceros

Wallpaper Other by Esthefan 1 comment

This is a powerful image, simple as it may be. - Sep 22 2007
God of War

Wallpaper Other by cristian 1 comment

fawesome - Sep 22 2007
Lotus women Wallpaper 1280

Wallpaper Other by nico67 1 comment

I'm a fan of the lotus, and women in general, so I like this.
I think it needs a little bit more work can clearly see there cut/past of the girl. - Sep 22 2007
Open Girls

People by natagali 10 comments

#3 makes a great Nautilus bg btw - Sep 22 2007
Open Girls

People by natagali 10 comments

I like your idea. I like knowing that the girl on my desktop is representing my desktop, and is not some pic someone swiped off the web and pasted a logo on...
I love the female body, it's one of the most complex, surprising, and satisfying creations of...who ever that creator is.
Done right, it makes wonderful art; done cheaply, it is shallow and abusive, especially when ripping copyrighted images.
I think that even if some of these were to end up as nudes, they would end up more tasteful simply because they would not be for commercial purposes...not trying to 'entice' someone to buy a product, or raise publicity beyond an already unreal level.
This should be women who care about open software, and who also like the art...why not?
I commend you in just putting this out there BEFORE trying to organise it with others (gutsy comes to mind), but I fear that no girl will click on your image's thumbnail (would you?), and hence, will never read about your idea.

Thanks - Sep 22 2007

Nautilus Scripts by sp00k113 13 comments

if running the script from the cli works OK, it would have to be your Nautilus action. I included a screenshot in the tarball that is not posted here, showing an example (my) nautilus action setup for reference. If you get errors on the cli, post here and I will see what I can do for you. - Sep 22 2007

KDM3 Themes by smashse 1 comment

This is so simple, but yet so...catchy...?
I really do like it. - Apr 19 2007
Kubuntu Blue Bend

KDM3 Themes by PyroMithrandir 3 comments

The preview really doesn't do this one justice, it looks kinda akward, until you actually use it. - Apr 19 2007
Bob Marley Screen

KDM3 Themes by ajChV23 1 comment

A pic of Bob I haven't seen before. This is a nice refresher from the same overused 3. - Apr 19 2007
Kubuntu Edgy UserList

KDM3 Themes by mitchelljpaul 5 comments

I really liked the original, but the only thing I felt it was lacking was a place to click my name.
I use so many different PCs, it actually saves me anywhere between 2 and 20 seconds if I can just click on the name, rather than try to remember which one I use on this machine. - Apr 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by freemail6 19 comments

I'll wait 'til I see heaven myself before I tell everyone else what it's like.

However, this image isn't half bad...seeing the j-man always makes me crack a smile ;) - Apr 19 2007
KDM Vista like Theme

KDM3 Themes by EstebanTristan 30 comments

Yeah, I don't like it at all either, but I can't hate, because it IS well done. - Apr 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by freemail6 2 comments

Very cool indeed. - Apr 19 2007
dark sunset 2

Wallpaper Other by morrd 2 comments

Looks a lot like the moon, just a bit bright. - Apr 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by lopieniczanin 4 comments

Looks like something was going on, as if there are small bits of post-explosion debris captured in the image.
Maybe it just needs some cleaning up?
It looked kinda cool in the preview, but when I saw it, I was a tad unimpressed, and found myself searching for the focus of the image. - Apr 19 2007
KDE in renaissance wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by EmZed 6 comments

This is nice. An elegant classic, with a little visual rewarding hiding in plain sight. Good work, very creative way to use such an over used image. - Apr 19 2007

Wallpaper Other by Divilinux 4 comments

Good. - Apr 19 2007

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by EmZed 8 comments

Nice work - Apr 19 2007

Wallpapers BSD by gbh 10 comments

Yeah, this is definitely on point... - Apr 19 2007 ShiskaBerry Marijuana

Wallpaper Other by madhattr 3 comments

Does that look like crack???

I love how you can pick out the people who have never tried pot by the stupid things they say about it...
I bet you drink though huh? Guess which one is the leading killer of young adults... - Apr 19 2007
Kore style Yakuake skin

Yakuake Skins by johngreenwood 7 comments

"That is, if anyone is still using the real Yakuake."

Thanks for the nice look. - Apr 19 2007
Stone Leaves

Wallpaper Other by astrowill 3 comments

Wonderful foto for a light background. Did you take it yourself? If so, you got a good eye for desktop subjects - Feb 24 2006
Shredder Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by sp00k113 14 comments

Great job! Like the new icon much more. - Feb 15 2006
Shredder Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by sp00k113 14 comments

The iconset is built from the software available here:
I did not design nor do I distribute these icons. - Dec 26 2004
Shredder Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by sp00k113 14 comments

Ok changed a few things, not getting any errors of any kind. I was able to replicate and eliminate the error you were getting, and I am also on KDE 3.3...
so, see if this works? - Dec 26 2004
Shredder Service Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by sp00k113 14 comments

I've recieved one other report of this error, however have not had the time as of yet to look at it. I will be doing so today, and will upload asap. - Dec 26 2004
KCAD: Kontrol-Alt-Delete (KSS)

Screensavers by detsaot 42 comments

I've had this problem a few times. On my system (fedora, kde3.1) it was always caused by a corresponding *.desktop file missing from "[KDEDIR]/share/apps/kscreensaver/ScreenSavers/".
Most sources for kde screensavers come with the *.desktop file ready to be moved should you find this is missing. - Jun 18 2004
dietopbar (Laptop Theme)

Karamba & Superkaramba by nightwriter 3 comments

You have a great sense of aesthetic appeal! - Apr 30 2004
Karamba Weather.COM

Karamba & Superkaramba by iZelpII 55 comments

Try deleting the corresponding karamba *.rc file? - Apr 30 2004