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Sandor Pinter , Hungary
Plasma 4 Extensions

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May 15 2011
Thanks for the binary pkg!
Of course, it is added to this page :) - May 15 2011
Well, I'm worrying about (atleast) one thing: the settings page already contains almost 10 fields. Because of asynchronous networks, there should be at least 3 more fields for these features.... which means, 12 fields only for this simple applet? I think even the current situation is little bit toooo much.
And I was not talking about to change the font for example, what is another important feature I think, and that would be again another field...
Lets say, if many people asks this feature, I will implement it for sure. But I won't forget it :) - May 12 2011
With this feature, in case of 73.7, it should display 74, not 73.
I think it matters, whether the network speed is only 22.5 Mb only, and not 23.4Mb. If you can see only 23, you don't know, what is the current state.
In other words, I think, if a person wants to see the exact network speed in numbers, she/he wants to see as accurate numbers as possible. I think this meets this requirements - May 11 2011
I don't think this is a good idea, because this would require more space. First of all, letter '2' needs little bit more space than letter '1'. Also there would be a need to reserve a space for one more number, as there are 100mb network cards already on the market... which means, it is possible to get 100 mb download speed... what is ~12000 KiB. And as I know, there are Gigabit cards already on the market... I know, it is really rare to get these download speeds, but the applet should be prepared for it.
And why is it needed to reserve space for the possible longest number+unit? Otherwise it would look stupid, it would jump left/right.
- May 11 2011
It seems, you have not installed a/some dev package(s). What kind of distribution are you using? Currently I try to create binary packages for many distros, with the help of OBS.
- Apr 16 2011
OK, I can add a 'show only numbers' switch, I can agree with that.
Thanks for the idea - Apr 15 2011
The applet automatically changes the size of the font, based on the available width/height. It reserves some space, to allow longer numbers/units to fit into it's box, without moving these items, if it becomes longer/shorter. For example 'B/s' needs much less space than 'KiB/s', also for number units, there is enough space for displaying the '1888.0' number. In this way, the decimal fraction stays at the same position, and it does not look as an always dancing part, what was looking very bad.... at least, if it works correctly:)
The only thing what I can do, is to allow to remove the signs from the beginning (the up+down arrows). In this case, there would be a little bit more space. Would that be OK? - Apr 13 2011
The bug about the empty interfaces list should be fixed now in 0.1.1.
Unfortunately I could update only now the forms on, sorry for the delay, and I hope the quick bugfix will solve the mentioned issue - Apr 13 2011
hm... this is strange. it seems, it does not find the interfaces at first time, when it was added to the desktop/panel, but it is there, after the plasma-desktop has been restarted. I will debug this, thanks to point this out. - Apr 03 2011
Try to configure it with cmake-gui, there you can easily change the path prefix. After install, restart your kde, or run as user:
kquitapp plasma-desktop
plasma-desktop - Apr 03 2011