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Apr 19 2010
chriskin, at the moment this isn't possible. Once Dropbox release their API, it probably will be (whether I can work out how to do it is another matter!). - Apr 17 2010
Hi, good spot. I'll sort this out for the next version I'm working on.

As a clumsy workaround, you could scale the screenlet up and then reduce the font size. - Apr 17 2010
startreksteve, can you check that you're running an up to date version of Screenlets? Do any other screenlets give a similar error?

The 'draw_rounded_rectangle' syntax relies on python modules other than this screenlet, which should be present, so my guess is that this is a compatibility issue with an older version. - Feb 04 2010
Thanks surfinmdq.

I'd be glad to include a Spanish translation if you do start using it. - Nov 21 2009
Good news! Glad everything is working properly for you now! - Oct 15 2009
Hi andrewmin, cheers! You can set the amount of storage you have under Options/Dropbox in the Properties dialogue. - Oct 14 2009
Sounds likely! A quick google for "dropbox karmic" gives several useful results on how to install. - Oct 12 2009
Is any text displaying? If not, have you tried altering the font?

What is the output of 'dropbox status' in a terminal? - Oct 11 2009
Glad it's working for you now.

It's never rude to ask! I feel that this sort of functionality might be better suited by different themes, rather than more options. At the moment, I've just started to look at how the themes work, and I shall see if I can make it a bit more theme-friendly for this sort of thing.

So to answer your question: possibly... ;-)

If you can't wait (and feel like poking around in the source code), the relevant bits are near the bottom, and it isn't too complicated. If you do come up with some settings you think look awesome, give me a shout and I can include another theme using them. - Oct 11 2009
Fixed in 0.3.1; cheers! - Oct 11 2009
Thanks d0od. My guess is that (your version of?) Karmic is rendering the font differently to my Intrepid.

I'm planning on adding support for altering the font/size, so bear with me! - Oct 06 2009
Hi chriskin, I can't reproduce the error (I'm on Intrepid, using dropbox 0.6.1 - the version in the repository).

However, can I ask you to open up and comment or delete line 264 (reads: 'sdevs.pop()' ) and see what happens when you run it from a terminal?

- Oct 06 2009
It doesn't link (yet)... Good idea, though. I'll have a go at coding that up! - Oct 04 2009