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Sputnik Rocket Bremen, Germany

Amarok 1.x Scripts 32 comments

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Dec 19 2009
Yes, me too :) - I would love if the script would work with amarok2 as well ... as it happens not to work in the moment anymore here... :(

heatseeker, as far as I understood the ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/current.xspf file is already the actual playlist. As far as I understood you only have to pass it further...

Thanks for the answer! :) - And all the best to you! Happy coding also ;o) - Dec 19 2009

It looks like
could already be the format you need as it is already XML!

An upgrade would be _very_ helpful! :o)

Many thanks! - And have fun! - Nov 01 2009
Very good!

Your script is more important to me than amarok2 itslef as amarok14 is very good as well...

I will stay on amarok14 on KDE4 as long as there is no better solution than your script (which is a high standard) :)

Thank you very much! :) - Nov 01 2009
Kubuntu Logo Mock-Up

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

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Aug 23 2009
An overview or an easier way to see all images at once would have been good.

Could'nt you upload it to Flickr or something similar?

Alternativly maybe a nice pdf / Impress presentation? - Aug 19 2009

Graphic Apps 49 comments

by sars
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Oct 31 2016
I see! - Thanks for that! - Aug 09 2009
You may be right ... and I just say: thanks! :) - Aug 09 2009
so... what's the reason for this upload?

* new features?
* lots of bugfixes?

Or is it just new in Debian (can't believe this!!)?

- Aug 08 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 8 comments

by sebo
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Jun 12 2010

Do you think that it will be possible to add wzdftpd, too? - Jul 27 2009
Idea: Save Amarok 1.4

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

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Oct 10 2014
please explain what you exactly mean with "wrong direction"... It is very vague... - Jul 26 2009
There are. Amarok 1.4 still has lots of more essential features, while Amarok 2 has some nice features that are easy to miss...

One of the latest inventions of Amarok 1 has been "tagging". It is not perfect - but I will use Amarok 1 until tagging is at least fully supportet by Amarok2! - It is a different level of organisation with tags! - I do not want to miss it!

... there are more things...

Several of them are plugin-solutions for amarok 1. One of them is the best way to produce CD-Covers for Mix-CDs under Linux. - I don't want to loose that!!! - And lots more...

It is still a very, very long way for a really good Amarok2. - Let's talk about again in 2 years maybe!! - Jul 26 2009
Amarok 1.4 is still available. - And I currently use it still under KDE 4.3!

But I don't think it is a good idea to fork it. - It is a better idea to focus the power on Amarok2 until the program becomes a real successor of Amarok 1.

Voted for "bad idea", sorry!
- Jul 26 2009

Various Games 6 comments

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Jan 05 2010
I tried alien to convert the package to a .deb for Ubuntu.

The error message for (kqlives-20080202-13.1.src.rpm) is:

dpkg-gencontrol: error: current host architecture 'i386' does not appear in package's architecture list (amd64)
dh_gencontrol: command returned error code 65280
make: *** [binary-arch] Error 1
find: `kqlives-20080202': No such file or directory

The error message for (kqlives-20080202-13.1.i586.rpm) is:

warning: kqlives-20080202-13.1.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 9b32544a
Unpacking of 'kqlives-20080202-13.1.i586.rpm' failed at /usr/share/perl5/Alien/Package/ line 155.
- Jul 01 2009

System Software 6 comments

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Apr 07 2013
Someone seems to have accidently removed the description of the program... :( - May 12 2009
Okular 7zip support - Idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 9 comments

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Mar 31 2009
My guess is that the RAR compression is often used. i.e. for special comic book formats.

As far as I know 7zip isn't in use for this so far?

(I don't have another explanation - but this one should fit at least.) - Mar 31 2009

Network 84 comments

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Jan 18 2009
I have the problem that I do not know where to put in the pin on the computer. I searched a lot of forums for this...

(using kubuntu with the 0.3 version of KDE 4.2 pre-release)

[I tried to make a new file "hcid.conf" in /etc/bluetooth as suggest for older versions - Forums only told me so far that the mechanism has changed... but none knows how ;) ... passkey-agent is not installed on my machine] - Jan 25 2009
Twitter Kdialog script

Chat & Messenging 2 comments

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Apr 19 2007
To allow crossposting to other micro-blogging services that also use a similar API like Twitter, one could try to use the script like this:

message=`kdialog --inputbox 'What are you doing right now?'`
curl -u Twitter_USERNAME:PASSWORD -s -F status="$message"
curl -u Identi.ca_USERNAME:PASSWORD -s -F status="$message"

This script sends the same message to two services. In this case it is Twitter - and the open source alternative as well. is based on the Laconica software ( ) - and this script will similar work with every service that runs Laconica.

Have fun!

The most missing feature for me is a sign that the limit of letters (140 signs) has been reached... Everything else works very well just with kdialog and curl! - Aug 19 2008

Chat & Messenging 2 comments

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Aug 18 2008
This is a simple crossposting-script for two microblogging services. In this case for Twitter and .

For sure it works the same way with other Laconica software. Feel free to use it - and to make it better!

message=`kdialog --inputbox 'What are you doing right now?'`
curl -u Twitter_USERNAME:PASSWORD -s -F status="$message"
curl -u Identi.ca_USERNAME:PASSWORD -s -F status="$message"
- Aug 19 2008
Thank you for making your script public!

However: I guess that I will not use it untill there are some crossposting abilities.

While I know that this should be built in in Laconica, I thought about if it wouldn't be nice to post it meanwhile two times - To and also to Twitter...

- Aug 19 2008

Utilities 2 comments

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Jul 19 2008
Actually it is hard to understand what your application is for.

My guess is: Could it be that it should produce sound that should ban insects?

It would be nice if you add some descriptive words!

Maybe a translation, or a request for a translation, at least in english...

Other things look nice :] ! - Jul 19 2008

Browser 127 comments

by whilo
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Feb 25 2009
Hi! Thanks for the work! - I am missing the configure-script... Did I miss anything else before that?

Thanks so far - and have fun! - Jan 16 2008
ColorClock for styleclock by lunimare

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

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Dec 24 2007
It's fun! :)

Besides: Did I miss something serious?? - Dec 23 2007

Education Apps 36 comments

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May 15 2008
The program is interesting. Maybe really a good application to clear own thoughts!

For non english wikipedias I wish for a function that indywikia will remember an already chosen language for the next time. - Dec 03 2007
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

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Nov 03 2011
To have a package would be great! - KGtk should really be standard in every Kubuntu! - Nov 01 2007

Bootsplash Various 1 comment

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Aug 24 2007
... a great one!

Thank you! :) - Oct 22 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 2 comments

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Jan 19 2007
This is a very good idea! - It should be added as a basic feature of KDE. - Tag clouds are usefull and needed also in digikam, ocular and they offer more possibilities to lots of other programs as well. - Aug 24 2007

Graphic Apps 2 comments

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Aug 06 2006
Hi! Thanks for the work!!

I tried to configure the source. It said:

configure: error: KIPI not found. Please ensure you have properly installed KIPI before continuing.

I have the kipi-plugins -package (0.1.2-1ubuntu2) installed with kubuntu.
- Jan 02 2007
Cover Desktop

Amarok 1.x Scripts 1 comment

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Mar 01 2006
Hi! I just want to notify you that the script doesn't work anymore in the new amaroK-version. I use amaroK 1.4.Beta2 on Kubuntu (KDE 3.5.1). I know that this is a beta-release of amaroK but maybe it is interesting for you... - Mar 28 2006

Amarok 1.x Scripts
by markey

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Apr 16 2010

Amarok 1.x Scripts
by heatseeker

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Nov 01 2009

MP3 Taggers
by ufleisch

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Mar 02 2009