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Kst is very different. It supports plugins of many sorts for different file formats (includes over half a dozen already), is optimized for dealing with huge, realtime datastreams, and supports native plugins for analysis and manipulation as well. The built-in programming language is [going to be - work in progress, but already usable] KJS so you have a familiar base to work from, and the UI is all KDE/Qt based so you get all the KDE supported image/printing formats, and all the other benefits of the KDE infrastructure such as KIO, nice styled widgets, etc.

Kst development is primarily driven by user demand right now, and more advanced features will be added as necessary. - Mar 08 2004
I updated the packages to version 2.0. To avoid more problems with those immature fools who cannot deal with life or any issues that they may or may not agree with, I will not repost this as a new entry. I just updated the information in the page, and the binary on the server.

version 2.0 includes high res versions. You can select low res (fast), medium res (medium-fast) or high res (slow as hell, but you can read their names). I also repaired the license file.

If you don't like it, don't use it! Come on already! Go elsewhere! - Apr 15 2003
I didn't make the cards. I just converted them to KDE format. RTFM. I'm no artist. If you read the news, you would know what these are. If not, well, read the news. - Apr 14 2003
I'm sorry but it's so not politics. The fact that these things exist is not political in any spectrum, and they are thus available for whomever chooses to use them. - Apr 14 2003