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Jul 09 2011
Sorry for the late answer, been on holiday.

Qt prints with screen quality. One can change this, but then the fonts are different. I have, unfortunately, not found a way how to cope with this properly.

And thanks for the Disc1/SaveAs bug report, I will have a look.

Kind regards,
Stefan - Sep 01 2011
Seems that I have never written a document describing the format. Let's change this ... here is the version I wrote now, it will be added in the next relase:


Format of .koac Case Definitions

The standard DVD case definition looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE koverartistcase SYSTEM "koverartistcase.dtd">
<koverartistcase version="1">
<Label>Standard DVD Case</Label>
<Front width="1300" height="1840" />
<Back width="1300" height="1840" />
<BackLeftSide width="0" />
<BackRightSide width="0" />
<FrontLeftSide width="130" />
<FrontRightSide width="0" />

To understand the various sides of a case, take a look at a multi-CD case.
It has a front and a back side. Left and right sides of the case are split
into a part that is connected to the front side and a part that is
connected to the back side.

XML Elements

Element Label
The label of the case as it is shown in the KoverArtist case-selection

Element FrontBackConnected
Are front and back side of the case connected, and on which side?
Valid values are: left, right, none.

Element Front
The dimensions of the front side.

Attribute width: the width in millimeters
Attribute height: the height in millimeters

Element Back
The dimensions of the back side.

Attribute width: the width in millimeters
Attribute height: the height in millimeters

Elements FrontLeftSide and FrontRightSide:
The side elements that are connected to the front side, as seen from the
front of the case. If you take a regular CD case, it hase a FrontLeftSide
(the side where the joint of the case is), but no FrontRightSide.

The height of the side is taken from Front.height.
Attribute width: the width in millimeters.

Elements BackLeftSide and BackRightSide:
The side elements that are connected to the back side, as seen from the
front (!) of the case. The BackLeftSide is on the same side as the
FrontLeftSide for a multi-CD case.

The height of the side is taken from Back.height.
Attribute width: the width in millimeters.

Front and back should be scaled properly. You can send me your .koac and I will have a look, if you want. - Aug 16 2011
Yes, you can add your own templates.

You can add your own cases, either by adding them to the installation
directory (e.g. /usr/share/apps/kde4/koverartist/cases for Kubuntu),
or by adding them locally to ~/.kde/share/apps/koverartist/cases.

(I hope the local cases directory still works since the KDE-4 port)

If you have new cases that you think are worth to be included, then please send them to me and I will add them to the next release. - Aug 13 2011
Sorry, had zero time the last weeks. I have noticed your report, thanks a lot! - Aug 13 2011
Hmmm.... I thought it works in 0.7.6. It looks like I will have to debug more :-)
Unfortunately I am short on time at the moment, so it might take some days.

Thanks for the report!

Kind regards,
- Jul 15 2011
It could be specific to the KDE or Qt version of your Arch. You could contact the person that provides the Arch builds, maybe he can test it too. His name is in the comments, two threads above or so. - Jul 10 2011
For Kubuntu / Debian based machines I have setup a Launchpad PPA build - see above in the download links. I have no other distros, so you will have to wait for somebody making Fedora packages, or build your own. I very much like "checkinstall" which can create (e.g.) RPM packages on the fly when installing. - Jul 10 2011
I am sorry, I cannot reproduce the problem. The back picture shows as it should immediately. I am using KDE 4.6.5 at the moment, on Kubuntu 11.04.

Maybe you have more details about the problem, or can you send me an example project with the images?

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jul 10 2011
Ah, I did not notice that these two stack traces are from different problems. Thanks for pointing out, I will look into it asap.

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jul 09 2011
The bug should be fixed now in 0.7.5. Please test when you find the time.

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jul 07 2011
Hmmm.... are you sure that did not happen with 0.7.2? I could swear I did not change anything near a code that could be affected. But you do not have to try to reproduce the bug in 0.7.2, knowing if it happens there too does not change much.

Anyways, thanks for the report, I will debug as soon as possible!

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jul 07 2011
I mean will be fixed in 0.7.4, sorry. - Jul 06 2011
Ah, yes, you are right. Seems that this option somewhere got lost in the porting. I am looking into it - will be fixed in 0.7.3

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jul 06 2011
Ah, very nice. Is it ok if I reference the PKGBUILD URL in the locations above?
Is the URL the correct one for downloading the built binaries?

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jun 11 2011
Damn, you are right. Unfortunately.

I was stuck all the time in a dead end, trying to use OpenGL for rendering.

Ok, time to really get the thing ported. This time as it is, only to Kde4, with no extra features. I am working on it now. Will take some days, however.
- Jun 02 2011
Sigh, I am so sorry. I promised several times to start working on it, but never found time up to now.

Maybe I should not try to make a great new koverartist and simply port the existing one to KDE 4, this would be probably enough for most users.

Pushing it upwards on my TODO again... - Jul 09 2010

I am still here, and also did a QT4 port several months ago. But I also wanted to use OpenGL for rendering, which I added too. But it was too complex to implement. And now I am with a half done QT4 port. Probably a good idea to start over but use the rendering engine as it is now, and then replace it later.

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jun 10 2009
For example here:

;-) - Mar 21 2007
The case descriptions are XML and are stored in KDE's apps directory.

In my installation this is /usr/share/apps/koverartist/cases

They are called *.koac and should be understandable. There is a format description in the file FILE_FORMATS

I would be glad if you send me the case formats you create! :-) - Mar 17 2007
Have a look at checkinstall (apt-get able). Building a local package for yourself is as easy as "checkinstall" instead of "make install".

Be aware to modify the architecture to amd64 when checkinstall asks for modifications. - Nov 02 2006
Unfortunately not yet.

You mean label printing, directly on the medium, or on label paper.

This requires quite some work. But it is on the TODO list, at least :) - Nov 02 2006
Unfortunately not yet. But it is on my todo list. - Oct 02 2006
Sorry that my answer is late, I have lots of work at the moment.

There will be a version 0.4.2 within the next hours that contains a FILE_FORMATS file. There the case file format is described.

Aligning the images is not possible at the moment. I think to implement it useful one might need some scaling options too. However, I have put it on the TODO list. - Jul 24 2006
I already implemented it in 0.4.1, which you can download right here :-) - Jun 21 2006
There is currently no option to hide the front cover title. What you can do is to make the font as small as possible and try if you can hide the title within the image.

I will see what it takes to make such an option. - Jun 21 2006
I will rather not add image manipulation. Simply because I want to keep the program easy to use, and it has already many options.

And for the image thingy - there is this option to use the foreground image for both sides. That wraps it around as you requested. - May 13 2006
If you make a 12x12cm image with Qt and write text into it, the result is different if you make it at 90dpi or at 200dpi and downscale it. Because of the fonts that are used.

It should be technically possible, but Qt's font selection algorithm does its own magic and I found no way to tell him: use the same font as in 90dpi but upscale it.

So what I have to do is to render the effects at screen resolution, upscale the effects to printer resolution, merge them with the background image, and print the resulting image. The (foreground) text is handled by the printer itself and is always at printer resoultion (even now).

If I render the effects at printer resoultion then Qt uses the wrong fonts and the result does not properly align with the foreground text.

Besides that, printing a 600dpi image is resource intensive -- thats probably why the GIMP people made their own printing drivers. - May 12 2006
It is a problem of the underlying Qt library. You can change the resolution to something other than screen resolution when drawing for printing.

But then the used fonts are a little different. The result is that the text effects do not match the text anymore.

One solution would be to make the text effects, upscale them to e.g. 300dpi, and then add the background image in this resolution. That should look much better, but it is a bit tricky to implement.

Nevertheless this is one of the things I would like to implement in the future. - May 12 2006
Hopefully the last quick-fix version for today. Now the icons and the desktop files should install fine, and configure should work as expected.

Thanks again to everybody who reported! - May 03 2006
Not my day it seems :-|

I fixed the missing in a new tarball, and I will look into the icon / desktop problem.

Thanks for reporting! - May 03 2006
Ah, yes.... thanks, fixed now! - May 03 2006
Hmm, seems that I have to improve my release script to detect such cases. I use the same script to create the tarballs every time - sometimes it fails it seems. Expect a 0.3.5 every moment. - May 03 2006
Yes, this is the part of cddb support that is still missing (but will be done). Actually it is described in the cddb standard documentation and is not KDE specific (not that this would matter in any way). - May 02 2006
Thanks, good to hear.

I thought that it is Suse specific because my kernel does not need it. I will "fix" the ChangeLog :-) - Apr 28 2006
Printing labels is on my todo list.

However, I am still unsure if label paper should be supported, as the main target for me is DVD cover creation, and paper labels on DVD ruin the medium over time AFAIK.

Any suggestions? - Apr 28 2006
Another try (helped here for Suse 9.3): Please add this line to the top of cdinfo.cpp:

#undef __STRICT_ANSI__ - Apr 27 2006
Unfortunately I have no Suse 10 at hands, at least not with Qt/Kde development libraries.

Could you send me the whole error message (including the compile statement) in an email?

My email address is in the sources :-) - Apr 27 2006
What Linux / processor / kernel combinations are you two using?

It compiles for me ... well, obviously ;-) - Apr 27 2006
Email Notify

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May 11 2008

Thanks in advance for the plasmoid (have not started it yet).

There are two things I have noticed:

emailchecker.cpp line 222:
The variable emails should be initialized or it might be used uninitialized.

I had to manually add -lQtNetwork to get the applet linked. Might come from the Kde 4.1.85 version that I use.

Kind regards,
Stefan - Jan 01 2009

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Apr 26 2011

Thanks for a nice application!
A minor thing - you should / could make the "backup progress" dialog modal. - Apr 05 2008
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

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Nov 03 2011
Thanks for the nice program. Especially in GIMP the file dialog bugged me several times.

Find a Kubuntu Edgy (6.10) package for AMD64 here: - Oct 21 2006
Works here fine on Kubuntu 64bit.
Maybe either kgtk or the program you tried to start are 32bit ? - Oct 21 2006
Tasik Maninjau

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Oct 15 2006
But the quality of the image is really bad. - Oct 16 2006
I and my body

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Dec 27 2006
Very pretty girl indeed.

Too bad that most wallpapers have such a bad quality.

If Ivone is realy posing for these it should be possible to get sharper images. One could get the impression that the images are just copied and edited from elsewhere. - Sep 19 2006
Maya GIMP splash

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Aug 17 2006
Well, I like it :-) - Aug 18 2006
Another Bright Idea

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 16 comments

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Jul 18 2006
He has a point. Many people do not understand licensing issues.

Maybe you should not flame people for comments that are other than "nice work dude". One can also learn from criticism. - Jul 19 2006

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Aug 01 2011
ImageMagick yields an error:
Non-conforming drawing primitive definition `rectangle'

Setting LANG to English fixes the problem.

I think you should change the LANG variable. But simply unsetting it does not work. My default is "de_DE.UTF-8".
If I unset the variable, the strings are not rendered correctly anymore. I have to set LANG to "en_US.UTF-8" to make ImageMagick work and render the strings properly. - Jul 08 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 8 comments

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May 30 2006
Offtopic? - May 29 2006

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Mar 19 2012
Look for newsgrab if you want a commandline-only solution - or tell those people to do so :-) - May 15 2006
Embassy Mod

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Apr 25 2006
Very nice!
The link to Unwetterhimmel is wrong, should be - Apr 27 2006