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by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
I think NET::SkipTaskbar also causes problems in the way that you can not switch window by alt+tab and it if it loses focus you can not get it back.
I have suggested and sugest to make all the window flags optional. Kde actually allows to do it via kcontrol for most all app windows but yakuake overrides this setting. - Oct 15 2007
this feature is the priority.
where is the link to svn? thanks - Oct 15 2007
ditto - Jun 24 2007
f12 is better imho. should probably be redefinable. - May 13 2007
aah. right... 2.7.5 works this way too.
This was the first patch I made for yakuake to use it so I forgot. You seem understood what I mean. Please add this in the next release as I simply can not work in the current standard modes and will have to patch it myself. Always on top blocks other windows and instantly rolling up yakuake also does not allow to see the console. When yakuake is set to 100% or close coverage the option to allow the yakuake window to stay open and NOT on top is needed in my opinion.

thank for you responses Eike. - May 10 2007
Your both points are valid. Now that I see the shortcut is already in use.
Making changes which affect themes is defenitely for next releases.
- May 10 2007
Exactly. I used to kate splitting. - May 10 2007
correction. focus is actually lost but windows can not overlap yakuake which makes the mode useless if yakuake at 100% coverage. - May 09 2007
9. Is this a bug or a feature?
When I press "keep open when focus is lost" it becomes "always on top" so focus can't be lost... from which I conclude it is likely a bug as the window should not become on top but rather not to roll up as in 2.7.5 yakuake. Why is it? - May 09 2007
I meant in the settings dialog not menu. - May 09 2007
8. I mix up close terminal and close session. And it is easy to accidentally close the entire session instead of just a frame. May be to make an option in the menu to warn about closing session?
- May 09 2007
6. Why not to also add spliting icons to the left of tabs as in my yakuake-split mod. This makes splitting and closing frames faster and more convenient rather than menu. You could take icons from my sources.
This will probably become incompatible with current themes. But the gain of convenience is significant. I do not see the reason to stick with the theme standart for this app. More over it is not hard to modify these tiny themes in the end. Think about it.

7.Make use of Ctrl+Shift+left(right) too. - May 09 2007
I just looked at it. Great!
You really got into it man. My respects!

List of suggestions:
1. I find it counter intuitive to
press "split terminal verticaly" and see
horizontal line. I have to think twice.
Why not to use shorter and more intuitive: "Vertical split"
which will split terminal vertically not horizontally.
Semantically I understand what you mean but it is counter intuitive to press vertical and see horizontal line.
Please correct it! I hope others would agree.

2. Add the last killer quad split option. Often it is needed to get quickly 4 splits instead of doing it manually.

3.Again. Consider changing to turning off of the title bar not the tab bar (who ever turns of the tab bar?).
This is a usability issue. The vertical space is precious!

3a. Chosing plastic theme and turning off tabbar garbles the title bar icons.

4.Numbering issue. Accumulating numbers are annoying. I was close to try to fix it too but I see that it involve some additional code.

5.Any chance to intercept KPart to add option to the context menu? Seems hard though. I have no idea.
- May 09 2007
Ha ha. Glad I pushed you a bit to do this at last with my yakuake-split mod! Congrats! You were really quick and resizable splits are better! - May 09 2007

Graphic Apps 27 comments

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Dec 16 2007
1. Of course it is easy to screw up exif. In my particular example tiff files apparently have wrong exifs after output from raw covertor. Of course I now always have to set in the raw converter to not export exif if I intend use qtpfsgui and after that I always have to set it back as it also affects jpegs output (for jpegs exifs work fine). Very inconvenient.
Why not to read the exif and also make comboboxes which set this "alive"? This seems very natural.

2.Thank you! It does not crash anymore.This is great. - May 23 2007
1) if the checkbox is grayed-out and you cannot specify any value manually, it means that Qtpfsgui is using the correct values from the exif data in your image.
In that case there is no need to specify the exposure values manually, Qtpfsgui is already using the correct ones automatically.

This works only in ideal world... Yes. There is a need to specify values manually because exif values can be incorrect even if the program reads those incorrect values correctly!

2) Yes there were several bugs that crept in (especially in the windows version) but with the latest version (1.8.8) all of them have been fixed.

I meant 1.8.7 linux version.

3) Saving a tonemapped LDR in a 16 bit format makes little sense (to me, at least) :)
Here's a discussion we had a while back on flickr:

so the operators produce 8 bit output... ok.
- May 16 2007
crashes with something like this:
::::::resized goes into tone mapping
QPaintEngine::setSystemClip: Should not be changed while engine is active - May 15 2007
Please add saving result in 16bit.
Does the current png option save it in 16 bit? Thanks.

Very promising program. Please keep developing great app. - May 15 2007
Also unfortunately it constantly crashes or hangs in tonemapping :(.
It seems more prone to crash if I click apply quickly after changing some parameter, but not only. - May 15 2007
when i open tiff which is made from raw. the program erroneously determines or reads it in the tiff that EV=-6 for all files. The problem is it cannot be adjusted (corrected) manually! - May 15 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Nov 29 2009
I seem do not quite understand what you mean by several pixels and wallpaper.

I do not see any wallpaper when rolled out becasue yakuake is set to cover 100%! - May 09 2007
Yes it decreases vertical space when rolled out, which is an anoyance.

Why do you need this space occupied if you can avoid it? Usability. - May 09 2007
Very good! Probably hard to havigate with hotkeys with deep nesting. lol.
This does look great.

Not related to splitting. Please consider adding the option to turn of the annoying space consuming title bar. Thanks. - May 03 2007
Sounds cool! Do you use qt4 ?
As far as I know new konsole based on qt4 will have this capability, don't know about the kpart. Anyway I would be interested to see your implementation of splitters. Dynamic splitters are a bit harder to do I am very curious. - May 03 2007
Nice. still promising a new version... I have seen it somewhere already. For sure you will add couple lines of code and call it a big bugfix.
Btw it is probably elementary to add this patch into the main yakuake in couple of hours...

Hotkeys are good, but the problem is the midnight commander uses these key combinations too. So not sure how to make it to work together.
- May 03 2007