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Petr vanek Prague, Czech Republic
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Qt Components 8 comments

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Aug 21 2014
ah, in this case I'd suggest something "more standardised" like github, bitbucket...

BTW here I have an initial port to Qt5 (one month valid link):

Please look at least to line #340:
- if (v =! 1){
+ if (v != 1){
where I'm almost sure it's a real bug.

Also I found that I'm (Mac OS X) able to build the library but rest of targets. It seems like all is too much win32 oriented as it fails in linking phase. Unfortunately the quake is so smart for me :/
But, definitely, I want to work on Qt5 port more because Qt5 is much better on OS X platform and I have real use for these components.

Please contact me directly at if you are interested. - Feb 03 2014
yes, that's perfect. Can you link to the Mercurial site/repo from the project website, please?

Also it's good news to me that berlios is back again ;) - Feb 03 2014
it looks very promising. On the other side it's very hard to get latest source code. Can you potentially load code to some versioning system, please? - Feb 02 2014

Qt Tools 54 comments

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Jan 12 2013
I'm using (and suggest to others) Andromeda - - Dec 16 2011

that -eggwm crash is caused by eggwm itself - it does not create its own default config on start.

Where are stored madriva's kdm desktop files, please? in suse/fedora it's in /usr/share/xsessions
files/session types should be loaded automatically from there... - Jun 13 2011
can you send us your spec file, please? I'd like to merge it with buildservice one to have fresh rpm packages for all rpm based distros. Thanks. - Jun 13 2011
BZZZZ, wrong! ;)

qxkb is The Choice:

It's much improved and actively maintained next generation of axkb including *many* serious bugs like memory leaks etc.

Packages are already part of QtDesktop repositories.

P.S.: there are many more useful tools there like ptbatterysystemtray, qlipper, etc. - Jun 09 2011
Antico XKB

Utilities 14 comments

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May 16 2009

and it's actively maintained - Jul 13 2011
Antico XKB

Utilities 2 comments

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Jul 11 2011
has been moved here (with *many* improvements and bugfixes):

so if you want to join... - Jul 13 2011

Text Editors 5 comments

by kosss
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Mar 29 2010

I try to pack it for suse. Build checks returns warnings (errors):

E: qwriter no-return-in-non-void-function src/MainWindow.cpp: 1092

which is unfortunately true.

And please - fix file privs to avoid usage of execute attrivute on source files. - Feb 07 2011
Czech Radio (Ceska Radia)

Amarok 2.x Scripts 9 comments

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Apr 15 2012
"česká rádia" nikoli "české" sakrauž. - Aug 09 2010

Developers Apps 6 comments

by subik
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Jun 19 2010
heh, I'm in contact with author of the modeller, but the possible integration lays in future... - Mar 05 2009
muhehehe... and your code is in it too ;) - Apr 20 2007

Utilities 4 comments

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May 27 2010
this is "The App of the Year 2009" now! (but remember, it's January;))

anyway - thanks for it. It's really in the click-and-run state. Very good work. - Jan 06 2009

Qt Widgets 32 comments

by Volki
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Sep 28 2008
#include <limits.h>

solves it - Oct 23 2008

Developers Apps 10 comments

by subik
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Jun 19 2010
You're right sqlite v2 database files are not supported. Is there any reason why are you staying with sqlite2 in your project?

Ad adding sqlite2 support for it - well, I don't know. I don't use any sqlite2 db file. Personally I'm not sure if there is any support for v2 databases in my Qt4.

We will see... try to persuade me ;) - Dec 20 2007
strange. Do you have something like:



I don't know the exact debian's package name. - Apr 24 2007
he? Can you provide a larger error output? Which OS and its version? Qt version? - Apr 23 2007

Utilities 48 comments

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May 18 2013
Alexander, I'm testng 0.03 and I have to say it's on the right direction. It looks like I've found my favourite offline dict. Finally.

It's fast and it fits my desktop too.

There is one issue - I've tried to build a rpms for suse and fedora using Opensuse build service and all fails compiling ui files. I suppose you are using qt4.3.x, right? And all distros have 4.2.x in their base repositories. And you cannot compile 4.3 ui files in 4.2 environment.

It could be great to have the opportunity to use 4.2.x at least for a few months too. I can send a patch to you after I'll return from vacation.

The public SVN/CVS/whatever will be helpfull too.

petr - Jul 06 2007
and one feature request more:

please make the location of dictionary files configurable. I'd like to download my dicts e.g. into ~/.dicts and use it. - Jul 04 2007

1) please, use "standard" packaging naming. I mean in the qstardict-0.1.tar.bz2 should be directory named qstardict-0.1 - not plain qstardict. It will be great help for package creators.

2) Polish the menu structure. I don't see any reason for "one menu = one action in it".

3) create better icon - the current one is unimpressive in the systray.

anyway - a very good approach for 0.1 app! - Jul 04 2007
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Developers Apps 3 comments

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May 01 2007
documentation, homepage with source code versioning to see the progress etc.

But anyway it looks promissing. - May 02 2007

Graphic Apps
by diemmarkus

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9   Dec 22 2011

Qt Tools
by sokoloff

Score 86.1%
9   Jun 09 2011