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Gilbert Awad , Canada
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

Various Plasma Styles 130 comments

Score 84.6%
Jul 31 2017
> Fixed, was missing "&include_home=true". Thanks!

Skulptor, that was a little ironic. Personally, I've always thought Compiz and Emerald outshone all other window managers and decorators. And as of the later versions of KDE, Emerald was dead, at least for us KDE users, along with its hundreds and hundreds of outstanding themes. But you brought them back.

We're the ones who should be thanking you, so here: thanks man, now my desktop looks as great as it ever did! - Aug 26 2011
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

Various Plasma Styles
by skulptor

Score 84.6%
Aug 25 2011