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Franí§ois Rygaert Anderlecht (Brussels), Belgium

System Software by Multimedia4Linux 31 comments

I'm with a 9.04 Kubuntu (KDE4.2)

1. I've had to remove the function word to have the script running.
2. The non root version doesn't start
3. Just testing the root one... Thank you !

I suggest you put the root version in the "system" menu in place pof the "tools" one. - May 06 2009

Amarok 1.x Scripts by kbulgrien 34 comments


Great job Kevin !

Finally an easy way to manage my USB/MP3 player from and within Amarok !

I'm running on SUSE10 and the following could help others:

1. You have to install the MP3INFO package which seems to be delivered with Mandriva but not with SUSE. However, the install in very easy as there seems not to have depedancies (except X11R6 ?). Thus Installing the RPM on the MP3INFO is OK (don't care it is mentionned for Red Hat, there is no dependancies problem with SUSE 10).
So, surf on , click the RPM file and then "Install with Yast", root password and go.

2. As SUSE automatically manages the mount/unmount of the USB-Keys, don't use the auto-mount feature of the script. No damage if you do it and the script remains working but it could bcaome difficult to know if the key is mounted or not in SUSE... Prefer to mount and unmount from Konqueror.

3. Don't use the the auto detection of the data volume on the key if the volume mentionned by SUSE is not the good one ! In this case, you'll allways have a "key full" message.

4. Follow the other recommandations of the script and just enjoy by plugging in the Key and right-clicking on the titles and lists to select the actions.

It's a first impression report, OK, but it is a very good impression ;-)

Thanks again Kevin. - Apr 01 2006

Amarok 1.x Scripts by kbulgrien 34 comments

Well, it's al right now.

Great feature for Amarok in fact. - Apr 01 2006