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Tomas Wartlik , Czech Republic

Wallpaper Other by lasshole 3 comments

It's really great. Pity it's not in higher resolution. - Apr 14 2007
Amarok Full Screen

Audioplayers by comar961 272 comments

I'd like to control volume via mouse scrool button. On notebooks and some pc there is no hardware volume control and using mouse is much more comfortable than using shortcuts. - Feb 06 2007
Kubuntu with Suse Kickoff Edgy Elf 6.10

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Ruffinius 52 comments

The problem is with the dependeces. If you want to reinstall kicker, you have to reinstall many programs.
I just run adept, set kicer to uninstall and I cound see all the packages that will be uninstalled too (including konqeror). I wrote them to the list and set "apply changes". After that I had to install all the packages again, one after the anoter. - Dec 20 2006
Kubuntu with Suse Kickoff Edgy Elf 6.10

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Ruffinius 52 comments

Why don't you put to the description huge WARNING, that this will destroy kicker and if this doesn't work (for example on dapper, where GLiBC 2.4 is missing), kicker won't work too? I had to remove about 9 packages, including konqeror and other very important, and install them again to make kicker work. Fortunately the configuration was ok. - Dec 19 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by PARENA 156 comments

In my language (czech) it is rather unusable because the name of the day and month are not correctly displayed (I've got Kubuntu which uses unicode). I used to have Mandriva, where the problem was the same - just the conflict with ISO 8859-2 is not that bad as conflict with unicode. Btw - now - on 06-03-12 the download doesn't work. - Mar 12 2006

Various Plasma 5 Improvements by dangvd 706 comments

Link to Mandrake rpm file doesn't work. - Jan 12 2006
Donnie Boy ( Rated S - Stupid )

Wallpaper Other by hypestar 13 comments

I just want you to know, that my IT teacher add right this sentence to the notes for students and presentation at univerity lecture. - Sep 16 2004
Kslackcheck Slackware Tool

System Software by deprecat 22 comments

Please, where I can find the Pendrive incon I sow on your screenshot? My flash disk looks exactly like this.
Thank you in advance - Sep 15 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ipv4 223 comments

I use the rpm version for Mdk 10 and the 0.3 version is much worce than 0.2 version.
When it starts, it's brightness is very light and it's extremly slow. After while is normal again, but I can't use it with this behavour.
When I change the desktop by means of the mouse wheel, the background of the kooldock stayes like the previous desktop and it looks very ugly.
Since last version there should be the screenshot of minimised window but it doesn't work.
I use the 0.2 version, 0.3 is worce. - Aug 17 2004