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by T3STY
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Nov 07 2009
Here is a new screenshoot, with active and inactive windows, Terminal and menu opened.

I hope this screenshoot will say more about :)

p.s. I didn't updated the two screenshoots 'cause this image has 600KB in 32 -bit and in 8-bit has a bad quality.. - Nov 09 2009
I know, tried to make a screenshoot with the menu opened but there didn't happened anything when I pressed the PrintScreen button... also in clipboarda the image wasn't saved...
Now i'm looking for a software to take a screenshoot with menus opened, i'll update the screenshoots as soon as possible. - Nov 08 2009
1) Thankyou hertz :)
2) Ok, thankyou Cycron, i'll update the license in a few moments :) - Nov 07 2009
Moonlight From Space

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Jan 05 2010
It looks great, i like the white highlight :)

Some suggestions for you: a gradient coloured image for the panels and change the window colour from #222222 To #1B1B1B (it's a little darker)

Bye! - Nov 07 2009