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Simon ESNEAULT Rennes, France

Plasma 4 Extensions 397 comments

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Jan 30 2012
Same here, stays in red since update to ubuntu maverick ... - Oct 06 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts 35 comments

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Apr 09 2012
No pb, we can group the effort !
copycover FTW :) - Oct 08 2009
Salut Sylvain ;)

Check there :

It has been done already, with a config UI etc ...

I just was to lazy to create a tar.gz :p

Maybe you can make a mix of both code and publish it in here. The basic for the ui works just need some more extension, especially I would like it to automatically write the cover when we've downloaded one ...

Maybe we can discuss about that on irc (#Takahani)

- Simon - Oct 07 2009
YouTube Service

Amarok 2.x Scripts 21 comments

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Mar 14 2009
Youtubia is broken, you should find another website or get the video link manually

Anyway, your script is great !
With the upcoming video-clip applet in amarok 2.2 ( it would even better, b/c the video can be played inside the context view !

So i hope you'll find a way to fixed the link ...

If you don't know how to get manually the link, it's done there :

-Simon (Takahani)

- Jun 16 2009
Hi ! Very good idea, I was looking for something like this. But it soen't wok with 2.1 (svn version), even after the expansion stuff have you tried with a recent version ? - Mar 13 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts 19 comments

by kk7
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Dec 02 2008

Looking here :

There are 2 signals
# void trackRemoved(int row)
# void trackInserted(QVariant track, int row)
Is that it ? - May 25 2009

Amarok 2.x Scripts 11 comments

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Oct 08 2009
Awesome, best script for amarok 2 !
Thanks for your work, keep going - May 25 2009
Mini Player

Plasma 4 Extensions 142 comments

by Emdek
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Jul 01 2012
Have asked Marco on irc but he says that there is no solution for now

Here is a bug report :

Thanks for updating this nice plasmoid
- May 05 2009
Hi again !

In fact the video works fine with gstreamer now, but don't know what has changed ...

If U find the reason, let me know

Thks - Apr 30 2009
Hi, thanks for your work, and I'm really interested in it since I'm trying to write a video player applet in amarok, which is basically the same problem, embedded a VideoWidget inside an applet

On two different computers :
Kubuntu 64 bit 8.10 qt4.4.3 nvidia 3D ok
Kubuntu 32 bit 9.04 qt4.5 intel 3D ok,
I can't get a video playing neither with xine or gstreamer backend :/
Sound ok, but black video ...

I've got the same pb on my playground applet in amarok which use the trunk version of plasma::VideoWidget

I always get a black screen ..

On both computer something might be wrong with the phonon/xine/gstreamer/qt/plasma configuration, but i don't where to go ...

Do you have any clue about this problem of not working video ?
Thanks for your work !

- Apr 23 2009
CopyCover (amaroK Script)

Amarok 1.x Scripts 143 comments

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Oct 21 2007

Right now it can retrieve the current album url, problem is we'll have to wait for amarok 2.1 because the script API has been extended just for this functionnality, and this will be available for everybody only at this stage (2.1) ...
But I'll post here when it'll be finish
- Jan 26 2009

I'm trying to write exactly the same script using qtscript, let U know when it's finished ... - Jan 12 2009
GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes 280 comments

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Mar 10 2008
You should add this at the top, below #ifndef max and min stuff

#ifndef abs
#define abs(x) (x<0?-x:x)
#endif - Dec 03 2008

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by gaillou

Score 58.6%
Apr 17 2009