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Jan 17 2013
1. on accessor around midnight i get parsing error message.. because it happened 3 days in a row around midnight i don't think it's server problem (but maybe i'm wrong ;) )
2. i suppose that requesting of data doesn't work per stop set but once for all stops.. because of this i don't get any departures on bus stop that i set +30 mins from my home stop
3. it would be nice if settings could be updated for all active plasmoids in realtime.. or give some info that you have to relog to apply changes to all plasmoids ;) - Apr 01 2010
good news is that removing settings from plasma-desktop-appletsrc solved the problem; bad news is that due some mysterious lock up of that file i edited it in notepad and after i saved changes i realized it's not making backups like kate - so the bad settings are lost.. sorry :| - Mar 27 2010
yes i can reproduce it.. actually it's preventing me from using new version :) i didn't have any active filter if i remember correctly.. and nope plasmoidviewer didn't freeze.. so i guess you're right about those old settings.. where are they stored? i'll delete them and try again - Mar 27 2010
hi.. after adding plasmoid on desktop plasma freezed (or better said it became extremely slow.. it took cca 3 mins to show plasmoid on desktop) don't know if this helps but here's log from plasmoidviewer - Mar 27 2010
ehm.. i'm still thinking about combining those stop sets and this is what i came up with.. not sure if it's possible though..
and with this there wouldn't be need combined stops in stop selection.. - Mar 23 2010
yep.. you're right it's possible but not working.. i'll wait for next release ;) thanks - Mar 21 2010
hey.. i was thinking about making 2 stop sets for 1 bus stop (each should use separate filter) so i get:
1st stop set with destination city center and
2nd stop set with destination outer part of city
but this would require filter by stop sets and some kind of id (name) for each stop set so you can bind filters to it
don't know if this is really necessary but that's up to you to decide ;) - Mar 21 2010
no problem.. the core is setting departure time for each stop and that will be possible ;)

btw i have 2 stops near me and i was using combined view for them.. but with those sets i realized that it is less important for me to see all departures.. i'd rather see departures sorted by target destination with all interchanges.. and with new filtering system and first departure time it will be possible ;) i'll prolly fill one virtual desktop with PT applets just to test this idea ;)

and sry for spamming and long posts.. but i'm kind of bored for too long :p - Mar 15 2010
when you click button in upper-left corner few times following happens - Mar 13 2010
and i think possibility to set different alarm time for each bus stop set would be good idea - Mar 13 2010
today isn't really my day.. yea.. it's there and visible ;) - Mar 10 2010
nice ;) only thing that remains is make it visible enough so people know that they can use it ;) - Mar 10 2010
i love this idea ;) after playing with it for a while i realized it would be nice if there was possibility to set something like current "First Departure" for each stop in each bus stop set separately

what i want to get is set of Stop 1 with Stop 2 (distance between Stop 1 and Stop 2 is for example 30 mins) and to see it ordered
bus_87_(on_Stop 1)_____15_mins
* +30 is the distance between stops; and things in brackects don't have to be visible ;)
so basicly i get my own real time travel planner ;) - Mar 10 2010
"show all" was the problem.. what's wrong with me today? :p - Mar 10 2010
heh.. simple solution that wouldn't cross my mind :D thanks - Mar 10 2010
i better play with sets more before actually wanting this ;) i have an idea which might collide with this combined layout - Mar 10 2010
i don't know i only use filter to hide 1 target stop..
but with this when i want to say show me only buses i have to hide all other vehicles instead.. don't know if it's that important ;) as i said i use only the simple one..

btw after doing random stuff filter settings locked up ;) it looks like this now
adding/removing stop sets; adding/removing plasmoid didn't help.. any suggestions? ;) - Mar 10 2010
is there a way to combine two or more stop sets?
what i want is switch layout between Stop 1 (Siravska) / Stop 2 (Cilizska) / Both Stops

with this i don't think that is really necessary for filters to have that possibility to select on which bus stop they are applied - Mar 10 2010
now i got it.. i didn't realize that "+ add stop" is for something completly different than "+" inside of change button.. i thought that the functionality is the same and i didn't even try it :p maybe changing the name would help.. something saying that it is for adding stop from different accessor.. but i can't think of any short clear name :p
btw this discovery probably eliminates most of my ideas from before ;)
i'll check the applet again and see if i have something relevant ;) - Mar 10 2010
add departure/arrival board: heh.. i didn't know that my accessor actually supports this function :D i just realized it when playing with applet

don't know if it's possible but more functionality within "button in the upper-left corner of applet" would be nice.. namely stop selection ;) something like this
*it's only text cos i'm too lazy to make it look like buttons and selection boxes :p - Mar 10 2010
add departure/arrival board: heh.. i didn't know that my accessor actually supports this function :D i just realized it when playing with applet

don't know if it's possible but more functionality within "button in the upper-left corner of applet" would be nice.. namely stop selection ;) something like this
*it's only text cos i'm too lazy to make it look like buttons and selection boxes :p - Mar 10 2010
*working link for the fist filter mockup picture - Mar 10 2010
add filters: and maybe "filter action" (hide/show matching) should be available in "filter criteria"
and instead of "show all" there should be global setting - filters enable/disable - Mar 10 2010
a) i think i like the previous "stop selection" settings in "general" menu much more.. now i get the feeling that there's one layer just to prevent me from direct change of settings ("change" button) w/o apparent reason..
b) i couldn't find a way how to define filter for each stop
c) don't know what i'm doing wrong but applet doesn't remember filter settings after confirming with "Ok" button

so here are some suggestions/wishes? (don't know how to call it)

Stop Selection - back to previous style *added active filters

Filter Configuration mockup - easy way to define on which stops should be filter applied
*in mockup 2 filters are defined - 1 for each stop.. but it could be 1 filter for both stops

Right Click Menu -
1. the thing in box is what i thought i'll be able to do
2. maybe this should be hidden if accessor doesn't support this function
3. with my filter mockup prolly obsolete/not needed

hope it's written in straightforward way.. and last thing - keep up good work ;) you always surprise me with more and more functions - Mar 10 2010
hi.. thanks for the new release ;)

i tried sk/cz accessors but none of it works.. it seems that only accessors where you set city from drop down are affected (applet doesn't seem to remember city selection) cos de ones i tried worked flawlessly.. - Mar 09 2010
hi.. something changed on again so there's parsing error message :(
in the new version applet config doesn't remember bus stop selection.. i've also tried to test geolocation but i get only no stops near you found message.. don't know where or if this should be configured somewhere first
anyway thanks for new release :) - Feb 17 2010
great ;) and thanks to your hint i was able to correct it myself ;) - Feb 07 2010
hmm.. i'm getting the same thing with 0.6.7 too.. idk but they prolly changed something on web page - Feb 07 2010
hi.. there is some problem again with accessor.. i get error parsing message - Feb 07 2010
hi.. in changelog you say that there's more intelligent update but in settings there's still 60sec option now i'm bit confused which one is applied or idk how to turn 60sec off - Feb 05 2010
and i have to say i love the possibility of adding more bus stops ;) thanks for that - Feb 05 2010
yep works.. thanks.. that was lightning fast ;) - Feb 04 2010
and suddenly local characters in accessor aren't displayed correctly - Feb 04 2010
hi.. there's make error when building on kde 4.3 - Feb 04 2010
hi.. there's make error when building on kde 4.3 - Feb 04 2010
0.6.5 works for me too ;) thanks - Jan 31 2010
yea.. this is a nice idea ;) maybe tab for each bus stop can be made - Jan 31 2010
glad to help a bit ;) - Jan 30 2010
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Jun 16 2011
Leo-like-bespin pack

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by III
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Feb 09 2010
yea.. i know about that deco it's close but not the same.. i even tried to recolor it to match your theme but i failed miserably :p - Mar 19 2010
any chance that you (or someone else) would port decoration(s) to aurorae? - Mar 18 2010
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Feb 21 2010
here is sample of my action
*some of the hotkeys are custom (like kwin min/max) so you need to change them in your settings - Mar 19 2010
i see it was already mentioned that khotkeys and easystroke are similar in what they do.. i just want to say that khotkeys are port of easystroke to kde
with this said i don't know if any other work or development is done on khotkeys but easystroke is updated and brings more features
long story short give easystroke a try so you can compare features of these two ;) - Mar 19 2010
LGC for Bespin

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Apr 12 2010
i'm not sure if anyone is interested but here's is qtcurve config i use for GTK+ apps with this theme - Mar 18 2010
Amarok 2 Classic layout

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Oct 30 2009
yea.. in playlist menu you should change layout to classic - Mar 14 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 155 comments

by bk12
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May 15 2013
hi.. first of all i want to thank you for providing alternative to existing notifications system ;) i don't know if this is final state of your work but from my point of view there are still some things that i'd like to change

imo notifications/job transfers shouldn't interfere with your work.. so in my case i really don't want to see them when i'm working with other application (especially the fullscreen one). i'd prefer to see only notifications/job transfers for application that i'm currently using and others (background ones) should be marked as unread and moved directly to some kind of history stack (job transfers could/should be revived when application comes to foreground). i think this would require some kind of possibility to browse history stack and seeing number of unread notifications in system tray

anyway i hope you find some of my ideas interesting and maybe you'll implement them in your notifications system ;) cheers - Mar 02 2010
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by Emdek
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Jun 10 2012
yep.. i was checking the content of package and it was empty :p so i'll wait till they fix this and try it again ;) - Jan 30 2010
nope.. it's not there.. so it's (k)ubuntu packaging issue right? ;) - Jan 30 2010
well according to cmake i'm not missing anything
and i have installed kdebase-workspace-dev, kdelibs5-dev, gettext so it's not as simple as you say.. - Jan 30 2010
hi.. i was bored and wanted to try this this but unfortunately it doesn't compile
here's output:
cheers ;) - Jan 30 2010

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Sep 14 2015
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Jan 23 2011

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May 18 2010
Aurorae Theme Engine

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Aug 03 2009

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Jul 25 2009

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Jul 25 2009

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May 17 2009

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Apr 18 2009
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