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Andreas Silberstorff

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Thanks to Martin Ganser binary and source RPMs for Fedora are available from the project site now. - Jan 07 2007

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Google gives me some hints that a patch for mplayer/mencoder might exist.

At least watching TV via mplayer seems to be possible. As I do not have an ivtv card I can not tell much about the progress.

It might be that Kalva can allready handle these cards if a patched mplayer/mencoder is installed. I can not tell if changes in Kalva are neccessary as I do not know the mplayer/mencoder commands for ivtv cards. I would be interessted in the options neccessary for ivtv cards. - Sep 06 2006

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Hi Raoul.
Strange that the compiler on Your mashine seems to look for generated sources in my local (!?) homedir .
How did You try to build Kalva?
Did You use the tar.bz2 or did You try to rebuild the SRPM with rpmbuild -ba?

Does it compile if You extract the tar.bz2 and use unsermake after make clean && ./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3?

BTW my RPM was build on SUSE 10 with KDE 3.5.2 from kde-stable (apt). For SUSE with original KDE I hope Sebastien Scorot will build Kalva 0.8.76 for the repositories soon (a bugfix release is pending). I hope very much he will find some time soon. - Apr 13 2006

Video Apps by Elentirmo74 9 comments

As Kalva supports DVB I would suppose this tool will also support it. Look at the manpage of MEncoder / MPlayer for the URL dvb - Mar 31 2006

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Set input to 1 in the hardwareprofile should provide recording from composite.
You will have to provide one station in the channellist - this is fixed in subversion since yestereve ;-) but for the binaries you still need to set a station. - Mar 06 2006

Video Apps by buffcolumbia 12 comments

MPlayer and MEncoder are gorgeous. Kalva and many other frontends would not exist without the swiffknive MEncoder. - Feb 28 2006

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Some time has gone into the land and things may change... With DVB cards You can record the mpeg2-stream with Kalva as the MEncoder gives a very simple solution to do this. MEncoder simply provides the copy output type for the input URL dvb./.

If a similarily simple solution for recording the mpeg stream from ivitv cards via MEncoder exists Kalva might support these cards as well. So if anyone out there having such a card can give me a hint about ivytv support in mencoder don't hesitate to drop me a line ;-) - Dec 09 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Thanks for rebuilding the RPM.

I should have mentioned the following site, where You can find RPMs for many SuSE-releases. So if You want kalva stable on a decent SuSE you can just apt-get install kalva.

I will try to convince Sebastien to build kalva 0.8.49c RPMs for apt as well. I could as well call 0.8.49c stable though, it runs as stable as 0.8.0. It is only that it is not as complete as I want it for 0.9.
- Nov 14 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Nice to hear :-)

If you like to share the deb package you might mail me a link to put into the homepage or send me the package and I will put it on the download page. - Sep 17 2005

Utilities by pschwartz 10 comments

This is a great application. Something I have been dreaming of lately as releases are very time consuming via web interfaces.

Only sad to me is I can not use it for now as my project isn't hosted at sf but at berlios (and has an entry at freshmeat as well). Maybe some day a plugin system could be integrated allowing to use different project hosters would be nice.

I will defenitly keep an eye on your nice app.
Andreas - Sep 02 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

If the card is supported by MPlayer / MEncoder, yes. Kalva is only a frontend. It supports every card that the MPlayer components support.

Looking at the ivytv site it seems that it is not supported at the moment. But maybe you should look at and ask in a mailinglist on that site what the status of ivytv support is at the moment. - Aug 31 2005

Video Apps by ods15 36 comments

I really love KMenc15. This is the perfect tool for Kalva [1] users to eliminate commercials ;-)

Together with KTvSchedule [1] the three form a fine tv application set :-D

[2] - Aug 19 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Dear Verdia.
You shouldn't appollogize. It is very nice of You to provide mandriva packages, I appreciate that a lot. I did not want to opress You to update that soon so short before the pending 0.7.0 release ;-)
I was rather interested in your experience with compiling and packaging for mandriva as I recieved some mails of people who didn't succeed even after the fixes with ansi c++ compliance. Same applies to PLD, so your knowledge might be worthfull for others too.

Another question is, would you mind me to incorporate a link to your site on the kalva web site for mandriva users?
Andreas - Jul 27 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

oops, using lq and gq directly was not a good idea...

Too bad I really am not able to write the correct form in this forum... Hope You know what I mean with &lq; and &gp;

#include &lq;cmath&gq;
instead of just

#include - Jul 05 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Apart from prepending the namespace std:: it is also recomended to include the standardheader ("#include ").

I have fixed the two sourcefiles that reference functions from cmath, prefs.cpp [1] and kalva_recorder.cpp [2]. You might get them from kdesvn via websvn.



- Jul 05 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

You can create the file settings.cpp yourself by running the following command in the source directory:

"kconfig_compiler -d . kalva.kcfg settings.kcfgc"

Then call "make" again. - Jun 30 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

You should get kalva compiled when you prepend the namespace std before the functioncall (change fmod to std::fmod). Obviously the gcc that is shipped with SuSE does generally not test for the namespaces allthough it is recommended for ansi c++. Your distribution seems to depend on using the namespace std.

For later versions I will use the namespace std to avoid this mess.

By the way: I was lead into the wrong direction myself by the manpage of fmod ( man(3) fmod ) as it says the function resides in math.h. This is not so. It is in cmath (without h) and is available without an include line as being a standard c function for c++.

Sorry for my last misleading post. - Jun 30 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

The temporary sourcefile settings.cpp has to be created from the metasources kalva.kcfg and settings.kcfgc by the konfig-compiler (a script from kde's build system) before the sources that reference that file are compiled.

Allthough the was created very carefully sometimes the buildsystem does the kcfgc-compilation too late. Normally you should get Kalva build without failures if you just call make again (but don't do "make clean" because then the settings.cpp will be erased and you will probably get the same error again). - Jun 30 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

fmod is part of the glibc and is defined in math.h. On my SuSE the header file /usr/include/math.h is in the package glibc-devel-2.3.4-23.4.

I hope that helps. - Jun 28 2005

Utilities by abeverat 30 comments

With Version 0.5.1 Kalva recieved a DCOP interface meant for external applications like xmltvbrowsers like f.i. KTvSchedule (Hi Alexios ;-) ) to be able to schedule a recording. - Jun 17 2005
Mplayer Video Browser

Video Apps by TOD 2 comments

Did You ever try gmplayer or kmplayer or kplayer or... ? - Jun 06 2005

Video Apps by dziegel 51 comments

saa7134 cards are not allways easy to setup but give an excellent result. They are also very well fit for recording via mencoder. - Jun 06 2005

Utilities by abeverat 30 comments

Did s.o. already successfully use kTvSchedule in germany? I recently did not succeed but would be very interested for obvious reasons ;-).

I had put an entry on my todolist to make interaction between kTvSchedule and Kalva (ktvapp) [1] possible (imagine the possibility to schedule recordings just via RMB from an entry in the EPG like with a freevo system). Have to admit that it is low on the prioritylist due to so many things more important at the mo', but I will stay tuned with Your app, hope I will find more time soon to get kTvSchedule up and running. From the hardcopys I find Your app very promising.
Andreas (taki)

[1] - Jun 03 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

>1. $HOME/.xawtvrc doesn't exists.
Instead I've a $HOME/.xawtv
>a link from .xawtv to .xawtvrc did the job
>2. My channels from xawtv are imported into you app, but without any channel oder frequency information

I suppose You are using xawtv4. That is using a different format. At the moment ktvapp can only read the old format. That is for each station I need these lines (iterized Items should be replaced by the correct value)


f.i. this is a valid entry for the station "ARD":

In a (much) later version I will provide pluggable import filters for different fileformats containing channellists (f.i. xawtv4, kdetv).

>3. setting the channel manually won't work. I alway get that same channel with your program.

If the channellist doesn't contain the channel or the frequence ktvapp can't tune Your card. That is obvious.

If "use frequency" is checked, ktvapp passes the frequence to mencoder. If it is not checked, "v4lctl setchannel channel" is called before mencoder will be called. "v4lctl setchannel" doesn't function well on saa7134 cards, that is what "use frequency" is for.

>... "tv:// -tv driver=v4l2:channel=E2[...]'" works for me.

This means, I can completely abandon v4lctl and use mencoder also for setting the channel, nice. Have to reread the manpage, that eliminates another dependancy :-)

The thing with setting the channel via mencoder instead of v4lctl seems to be very easy so that will come soon.

I hope my comments might help a little. - May 02 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

Thanks for pointing that out. Had some trouble to get this fixed, now the link points to the correct Version.

Sad for me to know that so many downloaded 0.00.8 that had this nasty bug with too many quotes for the filename in it :-(

Next things on my agenda

Binary for SuSE (9.3) will come as soon as I have managed to tell kdevelop to build a functioning builddir for RPM.
If s.o. magages to build binaries for other distributions let me know it. Give me a URL to link to or mail me the package and I will put it on the HP. If it's a RPM please also provide the specfile.
German i18n.
Code cleanups (it's my first c++ Project, there are definetly some optimizations possible like calls by reference where possible etc.).

More features will come later, I will feel more comfortable with ktvapp when I can consider it as stable AND clean. - Apr 29 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

After rereading Your posting I must confess I find Your idea very cool.

At first glance I unterstood Your proposal the other way round: making ktvapp use korganizer to shedule the recording.

Did You mean scheduling the recording from inside korganizer? That is something totally different.

I will have to keep this in my mind. Maybe when the app is complete... One of my goals is to make reusable parts, so that parts of this app might be usefull in different contexts. So maybe a plugin for korganizer, why not?

Allthough if no one else takes up this idea it might not start to evolve before next year's gone. - Apr 26 2005

Video Apps by taki 49 comments

That would have a big disadvantage: The user has to have korganizer setup and korganizer's reminder has to be running.

I hopefully which that my app might as well be usefull for people not using kde (gnome or xfce or whatsoever). They still require kdelibs though.

I am already a bit unsatisfied that my app has so many external dependancies. On the other hand apart from making recording easier for me, this project is a very usefull option for learning about the fascinating framework kde is build on. A dependancy to korganizer would bloat it up very much for my taste.

atd and crond are standard on any unix mashine.

Using atd and crond for scheduling also makes it possible to schedule Your recording and log out of Your account. - Apr 26 2005
Taskbar v2 (flat + thumbnails)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by lucher 201 comments

With kicker's contextmenu throw out the taskbar applet and put in the taskbar2 applet. - Apr 13 2005