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Tater Swatter

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Sep 03 2017
Indeed! I like it! - Feb 22 2017
I agree, the global menu option is ideal but I was just curious as an alternative for anyone who didn't want to use that but still wanted to claim some extra vertical real-estate.

To clarify, I was never saying the theme didn't work in 5.9. Just making a note of the button not working but that's not you. So far, none of the themes here have that functionality and the kde doc hasn't been updated since 2014, hah.

I tried a few names for it myself and none worked. Oh well. Also, did you use aurorae to create this theme or just create the SVGs from scatch and write the rc file? I can't seem to find a current aurorae theming package. - Feb 17 2017
One of the cleanest themes I've seen of late. The button size proportional to titlebar height is awesome!! Borders of varying size all work wonderfully and the colors are superb! I love it and am using it right now. Thanks for the great craftsmanship :)

Will you be making any updates for plasma 5.9? For now it doesn't seem as if any of the aurorae themes here support the "Application menu in titlebar button" feature. - Feb 15 2017
El Capitan Mod

QtCurve 17 comments

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Jan 06 2016
What did you use to make the window borders more curved. I like that! - Jan 24 2016
Very nice. What dock are you using? - Jan 08 2016

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by andreyorst

Score 82.9%
9   Feb 15 2017