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Boris Pek Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Plasma Themes
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Congratulations! I am going to use sources from your git repos in official packages for Debian and Ubuntu in the future. Thank you for development of QtCurve. Because currently this project is only one real alternative for Oxygen themes. - Sep 29 2013
Anyone who asked QtCurve for Gtk3 should read related article:
It describes the current situation with Gtk3.
- Jul 06 2013
Hey people,

I have just found a tarball with old QtCurve-Gtk3 sources:
It would be nice if anyone could continue its development.
Also a transparent development on or is preferable. - Feb 12 2013
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
I received a bug report, that rules for don't work anymore: - Dec 16 2012
Now works fine. Thanks a lot! - Nov 03 2012

Now CWP does not show city name when Gismeteo is used. It's a bit uncomfortable.

- Oct 22 2012
Great! Also this PPA is useful for Ubuntu users. So you could add similar button for Ubuntu.

PS: that comment was long time ago, you could find it in logs [1] if you want. But nothing interesting there...

[1] - Mar 22 2012
Package from Debian Sid is useless for users with Debian Wheeze or Debian Squeeze. Because they could face with problem of dependencies. So your current link is wrong. Users could install package from official repository:
apt-get install plasma-widget-cwp
But it could be outdated version:
Packages in PPA is always up to date. Maximum delay is 1-2 days. - Mar 22 2012
You ignored my previous message. But I can repeat it.
Packages were moved into separate PPA: - Mar 22 2012
Please add the separate file www_gismeteo_ua.xml:
It works fine. - Feb 29 2012
Please revert the changes for
It is broken now. See screenshots:
Version 1.5.8 works fine to me.
- Feb 23 2012

I have moved deb packages into single PPA:

Please update the links in your pages. - Nov 06 2011
Which version of CWP do you use? - Nov 27 2010
Small fix:
Seperated --> Separated - Aug 28 2010
Now this package is available in Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat: - Jun 16 2010
plasma-widget-cwp package with your plasmoid is now available in Debian: - May 29 2010
Link is valid:

But plasmoid cann't get info.

Did they change the data format again? - May 20 2010
I used kde-plasmoid-cwp_1.0.3.orig.tar.gz from
to update packages in my PPA on Launchpad. - May 15 2010
>Thanks. Everything is allright now.

One bug is still exist: - May 15 2010

Thanks. Everything is allright now. - May 12 2010
I have the same problems. Location:
Also packages for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are available here: - May 12 2010

Plasma Themes 11 comments

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Jul 27 2015
>Hei, how can i install this theme.

There are few ways...
For example (in KDE >= 4.4.5):
a) launch System Settings
b) Style ---> Workspace ---> Get New Themes...
c) use filter to find 'serious' and click on install button and close this dialog window
d) select theme in list of local themes and click Apply
e) restart plasma:
kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 3 && plasma-desktop && exit
f) enjoy

Good luck. - Sep 20 2010
I downloaded it from local network, but fast search led me here:

Direct link: - May 09 2010
I fixed metadata.desktop file. Can theme be installed now? In any case it is interesting to see your solution. - Jan 21 2010
Thank you. I added a screenshot. But the basic idea was just to use transparent plasmoids without using "compositing". - Nov 08 2009
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9   Feb 24 2012
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