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Wonton Soup Brown

Plasma Color Schemes by csousa 2 comments

This is a very nice color scheme. It's just dark enough not to hurt my eyes and to too bright to be annoying. Nice work with the modification. - Sep 02 2014
Heart of the Sunrise

Wallpaper Other by zaniah 3 comments

This picture is very beautiful and is now set as my default wallpaper. Thanks for sharing it. - Sep 01 2014
New Wave Key

Metacity Themes by dilomo 2 comments

I really like this. I was wondering if you could add options for a red or blue gradient on the window controls (minimize, maximize, close) so if I hover over them they can have a slight red or blue glow depending on which theme I installed. Otherwise this is perfect. - Aug 25 2010
Conky purpleblue

Conky by Majonas 7 comments

I was wondering what wallpaper you are using with this? - Apr 16 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by FJR 249 comments

I too would like to know exactly what this program is trying to do. - Jan 25 2006
Delicate Violet

KDE 3 Color Schemes by amaterasu 2 comments

Good color scheme.

Got a link to that wallpaper? - Jan 25 2006

KDE 3 Color Schemes by mytharak 4 comments

Very easy on my eyes.

BTW, how did you separate the KDE bar into pieces on the bottom? (eyebanoob). Thanks. - Jan 25 2006
Immaculate Anguish

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by roachofdiscord 3 comments

Nicely done. Goes good with the acceptance of death boot screen. Good to someone used that file from deviantart for something other than a wallpaper. - Jan 21 2006