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Alexandre Rostovtsev
KDE CDEmu Manager

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Nov 24 2017
Cdemu-client-1.4.0 and kcdemu-0.3.1 are different pieces of software, written by different people. The instructions above are for compiling kcdemu; they do not apply to cdemu-client.

(FYI, to build cdemu-client, you use the usual Linux ./configure, make, make install commands. If you don't know what that means, google for it.) - Jan 12 2012
In Gentoo, we've applied the following patch to allow kcdemu-0.3.1 to work with cdemud-1.4.0: - Jan 12 2012
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Jan 09 2005
Quoth Wikipedia: ` The "reversed c" is the copyleft symbol ' - Jan 11 2005