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Ian Smith Rayong, Thailand
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Jan 17 2011
Thank you so much for this.

I was wondering if you plan on developing Dolphin/Konqueror integration similar to that for Nautilus.

If so, have you been in contact with kinus, who has already started down this track? His KDE service menu is at:

It seems like your two projects might be a good fit. - Apr 20 2010

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Jan 18 2009
While we wait for the obex kio, I just found a very easy work-around. The details are at:

but, essentially, you just need to install obexfs, then mount your bluetooth device with ...

obexfs -b <bluetooth address> <directory>

After doing this, you can browse and manage your device's files with Dolphin, Konqueror, mc, or any other tool you prefer.

According to Mr. Wieers' blog, it's also possible to use obexautofs to automatically scan for the device, but I haven't tried that yet.

I hope this helps others out there - if so, please spread the word. - Oct 27 2009

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Aug 04 2017
Thanks skulptor, your workaround worked! - Aug 30 2008
Thanks so much for porting deKorator.

However, I have found a problem with shading on the KDE4 version.

If I double-click the title bar, initially instead of shading properly, I get a desktop full of titlebars! Then, if I double-click again, I get the proper shaded effect, but it is stuck like that.

The only way to get the window back again is to right-click the icon on the task manager, select "Resize", and move the mouse around on the desktop.

I'm using openSuse 11 with KDE 4.1.

Has anyone else noticed this problem or is it due to some obscure setting I haven't noticed?

I hope you can solve this problem. Please let me know if I can help in any way.


- Aug 30 2008
'Q' DVD-Author

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Jan 09 2010
It works!

Thanks for the speedy and effective response. I'll give it a proper try-out over the weekend and get some feedback to you.

Cheers - Mar 09 2007
I've recently migrated from M$ and was looking around for something similar to GFD. QDVDA looks to be just what I need but ... I can't get it to output :-(

I've gone through the quickstart guide I don't know how many times, trying different things, but when I hit the DVD button, get the same result each time - blank in every command line.

However, when I look at the XML output, it looks fine. I suppose I could export the XML and use it to run DVD Author via the CLI, but would prefer to get this neat-looking GUI to work properly if I can.

My installation is openSuse 10.2 x86_64.

Thanks in advance for any help offered. - Mar 07 2007
Media Tag Tools

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Aug 05 2007
The link may be broken, but there are RPM packages fro V3.2 on the KDE-community repository. Also V3.1 on Guru.

I just downloaded the program and it looks great by the way. Thanks for the work.

I know this is a big ask, but any chance of expanding to video tags some time in the future? - Mar 07 2007