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Martin Walch , Germany

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Jan 24 2013
Any chance of a port to KDE Frameworks 5? - Nov 21 2015
Kool Morning

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Dec 01 2013
I just recognized that Kool Morning pings each host that is online once every second. I think this is a bit much (once in a minute would still be more than enough for my use case). It would be nice if it was possible to adjust this setting. - Jan 20 2015

First of all thanks for maintaining this fork. In my current configuration, Kood morning does not work. Even worse: it makes plasma hang as soon as I run it. But Kool morning works fine.

Kood morning had a feature to execute an arbitrary command (not just sending ICMP packets) to check whether a host is "up" or not. Can you add this feature also to Kool morning?

I like the ability to mark hosts as "Printer", "Router" etc. Can you also add something like "Server"?

Finally: it would be nice to see the names of the hosts without hovering the cursor over them (at least optionally).

A big thank you if you can make anything of this happen. - Jan 15 2015
Random Password Generator

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Nov 02 2010
In case you ever touch this plasmoid again, please fix the typo in "Charicters". - Jan 05 2015

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by nihui
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Feb 06 2016
Any chance for a fix?

CMakeFiles/ibus-impanel.dir/panel.o: In function `impanel_trigger_property_callback':
ibus-panel/panel.c:363: undefined reference to `ibus_input_context_disable'
CMakeFiles/ibus-impanel.dir/panel.o: In function `ibus_panel_impanel_state_changed':
ibus-panel/panel.c:1224: undefined reference to `ibus_input_context_is_enabled'
CMakeFiles/ibus-impanel.dir/panel.o: In function `ibus_panel_impanel_focus_in':
ibus-panel/panel.c:628: undefined reference to `ibus_input_context_is_enabled' - Aug 10 2014

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Sep 11 2016
How about updating this entry? :) - Jan 22 2012

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Jan 10 2012
The exact steps I did to install kio-locate.

- I downloaded 120965-kio-locate-0.5.1.tar.gz in my home directory
- tar -xvpf 120965-kio-locate-0.5.1.tar.gz
- cd kio-locate-0.5.1
- mkdir build && cd build
- make
- su
- make install
- run Konqueror
- type into the adress bar locate:/index.html
- I get several grouped results with a green folder icon and a title like


As you can see, I am using German localisation, but this also happens in the English version.

My distribution is Gentoo, and I am using KDE 4.5.4 with Qt 4.7.1.

What else could be useful? - Dec 11 2010
Maybe there is a bug in kio_locate.kcfg?

<default code="true">i18n("(%1 Hits) %2")</default>

In my search results appears the String I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING. - Dec 09 2010

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Aug 08 2010
As you write
"… I provide it here for everyone still using KDE 4.4."

you should probably know, that plasmaboard 1.0 will not compile against KDE 4.4:

In member function 'void Tooltip::updateMask()':
tooltip.cpp:89: error: 'enableBlurBehind' is not a member of 'Plasma::WindowEffects'

As described on, the function enableBlurBehind was not part of KDE before 4.5. - Dec 10 2010

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Jul 30 2010
I have an Intel card and I am currently using version 1.0.6. However, I do not see any problems. What is the problem that is worked around in 1.0.7?

A workaround is helpful, but if it is a bug in the Intel drivers, it should be fixed there. :) - Dec 05 2010

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Oct 29 2007
Will KPowersave be extended to be able to configure standby/spindown timers of hard disk drives and cdrom drives? (Maybe by adding this to powersave or by integrating hdparm?) - Mar 14 2008
eucalypt mist

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May 17 2012
I have three virtual desktops, each with its own background. One is new now. :) - Feb 20 2007
going SuSE

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Oct 19 2006
1) So this is a general problem of kde-look?

3) Well, I have no doubt, that many people can solve the problem and I am sure he could solve the problem easily, too.
But he doesn't, because he does not want to waste his time browsing through hidden directories in his home folder.
This is just a wallpaper. - Jan 22 2007
1) Which link? I don't see any:

2) Thank you.

3) I am serious with that sentence. I sat next to a computer scientist. He was looking for a new desktop wallpaper and was browsing through the dialogs. When he saw the thumbnail of this image he clicked install and continued browsing through the other wallpapers. After downloading about 10 Wallpapers he closed the dialog and chose as background image "Going SuSE--0". What happened? No thumbnail, no wallpaper. Nothing. Well, he just wanted to use KDE and not to look for the problem, so he ignored that one and selected a different wallpaper. Do you really expect everybody to open konqueror (if necessary make hidden files visible), browse to .kde/share/wallpapers, look for the archive and extract it there?

Please don't get me wrong. I really like your wallpapers and I don't want to argue. I saw the mentioned (minor) problems and wanted to tell you about. - Jan 22 2007
Most will probably know that these wallpapers from kde-look are also available via
right click on desktop
configure desktop
get new wallpapers

I want to mention three things about that:

when downloading this wallpapers you get a bzip2 compressed archive placed into
so it is not possible to use these wallpapers without uncompressing the archive manually (too much for most users, they will just skip this and continue with the next wallpaper)

After uncompressing the file there are only two new image files extracted (suseA2.jpg and suseA.jpg). The third one (the blue one) is missing.

The extracted file is marked as executable (more exact 755). Why? Why not just 644? This is a picture, not an executable. - Jan 20 2007

by Noughmad

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Nov 21 2015
Kood Morning

Plasma 4 Extensions
by DeepDiver

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Aug 20 2015

System Software
by Sho

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Aug 12 2015
Kool Morning

Plasma 4 Extensions
by shining

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Jan 15 2015

by Noughmad

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9   Nov 21 2015
Kood Morning

Plasma 4 Extensions
by DeepDiver

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9   Aug 20 2015

System Software
by Sho

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9   Aug 12 2015
Kool Morning

Plasma 4 Extensions
by shining

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9   Jan 15 2015