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Tom Afhrad

Utilities by mchavezg 12 comments

Just a small hint, where ksig can be used with kmail and a lot of signatures. I let kmail receive the signature from a scriptfile, where I echo all of my personal info with a random signature. Example:

echo ""
echo "Blahbla"
echo ""
echo "Some Company"
echo "Some Street 29-31"
echo "66734 Zip-Town"
echo ""
echo "Tel. +49 (911) 22333-1"
echo "Fax. +49 (911) 22333-2"
echo "mailto:"
echo "------------------------------"
ksig --random

This allows you to use hundreds of signatures without adding your personal data to each entry.

Yours is a nice contribution anyway ! Maybe more flexible :) - Mar 30 2006