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by Thesa
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Jul 02 2006
You may try to comment lines 78 to 83 of by adding a # at the top of the line.

BUT Amarok has a builtin support of radios (since the 1.4.1 version), and I'll no longer support the LastamaroK script. - Aug 23 2007
Yes, this can occur some times...

The lastfmproxy is running as a new thread. When you quit Amarok, my script tell to the lastfmproxy to quit, but it don't always quit.

I don't know if I'll try to fix this problems (and to continue to maintain this script) : Amarok as now a lastfm radio support with its new version 1.4.1. - Jul 04 2006
I'm trying to install this new version.

I'll edit the lastamarok presentation to recomand to upgrade amarok. - Jul 04 2006
Sorry ! I want to say :

-You disable the plugin
-You open a pls file, choose Amarok and *check the option always use Amarok*
-You enable the plugin

Normally, the action Amarok for pls will be used instead of mplayer only for pls file. In other case, it's mplayer plugin (I use this plugin too, I like it too). - Jul 03 2006
Just go in the preferences of firefox, in Download > view and edit action.

Disable mplayer plugin for pls. Next, open a pls file, and select Amarok as application, and choose to always use it.

It's just a file type, not a protocol (like lastfm://). For file type, you have not to go in about:config. - Jul 02 2006
Yes, my script integrate itself only in the default profile.

I would change that in the next release. - Jul 02 2006
Have you try to integrate LastamaroK in Firefox by just clicking on the button in the LastamaroK configuration window ? Normally, it work (you just must restart Firefox).

In fact, it's not Amarok you must run in but the file from my script (probably $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/lastamarok.amarokscript/ ). Amarok can not work directly with lastfm:// urls. - Jul 02 2006
I know it's in project, but I never try it.

A real integration will be better than a script. This script it's just for waiting... - Jul 02 2006
Yes but... it's in the lastFMProxy code part, and I don't know very well this code.

I will try to work on all demands about metadata... but be patient ;-) - Jun 26 2006
Yes, I know ;-)

It's the web interface of the lastFMProxy.
First, I had think to removing it, but I finally left it.

The problem is not to get data (cover, etc.) from the lastfmproxy, but more to give them to Amarok (for the cover) or to change the metadata of the stream (for artist and album). - Jun 22 2006
I think amaroK can't save lastfm streams.

But you can do that with kaffeine (or maybe vlc), by playing the uri http://localhost:1882/lastfm.m3u when lastamrok is configured and running (or using directly the lastFMProxy, which not depend on amaroK - the uri is in the description). - Jun 15 2006
The comportment of lastamarok in your computer is not... normal. I suppose you have stop and re-run lastamarok, and always nothing in the playlist.

Are you using an engine which can read streams (such as xine) ?

Check also the configuration of your firewall, lastamarok use in local the port you can configure in the configuration window (1882 by default).

Else... tell me your amaroK and KDE version, and I'll try to understand why it doesn't work. - May 31 2006
>he lyrics and wiki work with streams in amarok 1.4. I think what he's suggesting is fixing the tags so it works. At the moment, the title is "Artist - Title", the album is "" and the artist is blank. Can you fix it so that the artist and title tags are correct, i.e. just take the part of the string before the - and make it the artist, and use the part after as the title?

OK, I didn't understand... All about the metadata is the job of the LastFMProxy. I use its code, but I haven't write it. I will ask the developer to do this, but I can't promise something.

>Also, I find that the metadata doesn't always update at the end of tracks.
Yes, it's the fault of the lastFMProxy... Same problem.

>Also, is it possible to make amaroK not report tracks listened this way to

I think amaroK don't report stream tracks, but do it automatically for its radios. But I'm not sure, so I will check.

>Also, is it possible to make amaroK not report tracks listened this way to

Thank you! - May 28 2006
In fact, I have check for my distribution (Ubuntu), there are two package (one for python, one for tk).

It appear to be the same with Suse.

I have make an error message who ask the user to install a package named python*.*-tk or else, becaus I think it's the most current case.

I don't know Gentoo (I never use it), but I'll add your explanation in the readme. But I can't write about all the distributions! Tk is a dependency (it's now written), and users must know how to install it on their distributions... - May 28 2006
I changed my package. Thanks you for this comment. - May 28 2006
>- Download cover art
>- split Artist and song into the right columns, this way you can access the lyrics/wiki on the fly!

Yes, I have already think to that but... There are no dcop function to do that in amaroK. For amaroK, lastfm radios are stream, and it show there as stream.

But if you know how to do this...

For Firefox... My function work only with the default profile, as set in the ~/.mozilla/firefox/profiles.ini If your profiles.ini is in anoher place or if you haven't a default profile, my function don't work...

To set it manually, go to about:config, add the string with the value /home/yourusername/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts/lastamarok/

Next, add the boolean network.protocol-handler.external.lastfm with the value True

>A 'tune neighbour radio' option in the track menu would be great

I'll add it in the next release. - May 27 2006
Yes, my script use Tkinter. It's normally in the standard python distribution, but if Gentoo split the distribution... I'll add it in dependencies. - May 27 2006
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Amarok 1.x Scripts 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Apr 01 2006
I've made some changes in your script to keep the current status message and add playing informations after.

You can download this version here:

(I've also added license, readme, changelog and spec files.)

This version adds a dependency: python (to parse the old status message).

If you are interested, you can upload this script as a new version of your own, as you want. - Jun 04 2007