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Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé , Germany
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Apr 07 2013
It is a Konqueror plugin, not a Firefox plugin. - Aug 27 2013
I confirm that it still works, no changes necessary. - Apr 18 2013
I’m not sure and I cannot test it today. You could just try it, you need the KDE-Ruby-bindings (korundum) and the CGI-package for Ruby. - Apr 07 2013
It works like installing an application from source. Extract the files and the execute:
[code]mkdir build
cd build
make # well, in that case it won't do anything, because you do not have to compile Ruby-code
sudo make install[/code]

Then you should run kbuildsycoca4 and restart Konqueror and it should work.


Consider using a search-engine <a href="">which does not track you at all</a>, but of course you can try the plugin ;) - Mar 06 2011

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Aug 01 2009
Sorry, I have currently no time for it and there is still a bug, maybe you shoild try it yourself and upload the patch when it works… - Jul 24 2010
It's not yet integrated. I don't have a SVN-account yet, so I have to wait for another developer.

This is a screenshot:
[url=][img][/img][/url] - Aug 01 2009
I've now developed an Okular-patch. In presentation-mode you can specify the delay (using QSpinBox) and you have a pause-button. (alternatively press 'p' or 'enter')
Or try the attachment.
I hope it will be applied to Okular. - Aug 01 2009
Dropbox ServiceMenu

Dolphin Service Menus 124 comments

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Jan 29 2012
I've backported it, it's a bugfix, but I'm not sure if there will be a new release of KDE 4.4.
You have just to copy the two scripts to /usr/bin - Jun 14 2010
There was a bug in the installer, it is fixed in trunk.
You should install scripts together with the .desktop-file in `kde4-config --localprefix`/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus. I think that is the usual way for service-menus. You should not assume that the user has root-privileges. If you do not find a simple way, you could add some user-interaction, if it fails, your script should exit with a non-zero-status, then the installer will fail, too.

Sorry for my late answer.
The User - Jun 12 2010

Dolphin and Konqueror support service-menu-installation via KHNS in the preferences-dialog.
We tried to be compatible with existing install-scripts, but of course not every package works, because there are strange interactive installers etc.
It would be the best, if you would create a file installing the menu in $HOME and a file deinstalling it. Then it would definitely work without problems and the user would not need to handle any rpm-packages, install-scripts etc.

The User - Jun 08 2010
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 174 comments

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Mar 12 2009

Your service-menu is very popular, so I think it would not be too bad, if it would be possible to install it with Dolphin's KHNS-dialog.
The best way would be to create two scripts, and, installing/deinstalling the menu locally without any user-interaction.
I tried to make it working with as many service-menus as possible, but of course the installation-routine cannot handle interactive install-scripts.

The User - Jun 08 2010
Sorting-Algorithms (C++)

KTextEditor Snippets 2 comments

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Mar 16 2010
I will add such a dump.
Thanks. - Mar 16 2010
Wallpaper - Stelvio

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Mar 16 2005
That is my most often used Wallpaper!
I love it! - Mar 22 2009

Plasma Comic Sources
by mfuchs

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Jan 04 2010
Abstruse Goose (en)

Plasma Comic Sources
by TheBlackCat

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9   Nov 01 2010