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luis revilla mexico, Mexico
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Z E K A suite

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Oct 11 2009
of course you can bro :D - Oct 11 2009
when i finish a theme, thats it,most of the time i start a new gtk. so thats the final look of all the fucking controls :D - Oct 11 2009
thanks man :D

well, im using the simple icon set, but also the mac4lin one looks nice :D

- Oct 11 2009
this theme is just design to look fucking nice :D so its not a usable theme :D

- Oct 11 2009
well first you need the emerald theme manager, install it with synaptic. then just clic import, and thats it :D

for the gtk, go to ur home directory, then press "Ctrl H" and go to ur ".themes" folder, if there isnt any, create one.

place in there the "raising gtk"

to aply the theme go to appearance/theme and clic the button "customize"

then select the raising gtk.

thats it man, if you have any other question just ask me :D - Oct 10 2009
thanks man :D
- Oct 10 2009
i dont give a shit for the damn votes. use it, dont use it, im just sharing this theme because i want to :D - Oct 10 2009
Gnome Air suite

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May 01 2009
thats was my intention! to make a usable and good looking theme :D - May 02 2009
thanks man:D - May 01 2009
yeah also when i work with gimp the ruler looks with that graphic error, i will try to fix that:D - May 01 2009
well that's the problem with the pixmap engine bro, the progress bar in some progams is not visible, also in transmission the progressbar is not visible:(

i will try to implement that, maybe try other engine:)

anyway thanks for the feedback :D - May 01 2009
np bro:D - May 01 2009