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Timo Hoenig
XMMS Skins

Network 38 comments

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Sep 28 2006
Please check whether D-Bus is running. As I'm not familiar with FC5 I'd suggest getting in touch with your distribution maintainers if you have troubles. - Sep 29 2006
As Val already explained, there are quite a few changes. If you're too lazy to build KNetworkManager 1.1 just wait for the online update, it should be available within the next days. - Sep 28 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 223 comments

by ipv4
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Aug 16 2004
thanks a lot for this great peace of eye candy. usefull eye candy. as my predecessors: i'd love to see the possibility of sorting the icons and (especially) i'd love to move the dock to the left/right/upper edge of my screen.


Timo - Apr 27 2004
XMMS Weasel

XMMS Skins 17 comments

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Apr 03 2004
Yes. This version of the weasel is just a first taste of what it will going to be in the future. All of your requested features are already on our to do list. Well, at least on our mind ;)

- Timo - Apr 03 2004 - eyecandy for your kde-desktop. This is what I am reading on the upper left.

- Timo - Apr 03 2004
The skin on the screenshot is a Winamp skin. You can find it on: The skin is available in other colors
as well. - Apr 03 2004
did you enable the plugin? did you move xmms to the top of your screen?

- Timo - Apr 03 2004