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Kwin Scripts 25 comments

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Mar 08 2014
Sorry, I stopped using KDE about three years ago :-( - May 04 2018
Supposingly. The script API didn't change, but I didn't actually test the script. - Jan 19 2016
Thanks for sharing the idea.
If you look at the code, I altered it a bit, as it's legit to re-use vars and otoh shiftX/Y() should be cached (though it's not a hot path ;-) - Mar 08 2014
Thanks for the notice - should be fixed with latest update. - Feb 13 2014
Ahhh, that's stupid.

Plasma/GHNS will install the script into the "wrong" location (it's detected, but config stuff won't work) unless the metadata say it's "kwinscript", but if they do, kwin won't load the script (expects "javascript") -> kwin bug, it seems (should look for kwinscript, not javascritp)

For proper installation, uninstall the script, download the file and install it as

plasmapkg -u bigScreen.kwinscript -t kwinscript - Feb 05 2014
How did you install the effect?
If installed with plasmapkg, scripts require a "-t kwinscript") to resolve this correctly. No idea whether i miss some metainfo or plasmapkg simply always requires this.

No idea about GHNS

plasmapkg -t kwinscript -u bigScreen.kwinscript - Feb 03 2014
It would be possible to add global shortcuts (so that you scroll without the mouse but by pressing a shortcut), but invocation of a modifier would require changes to the KWin core (what's probably not in the cards for KDE SC4) - Feb 02 2014
No, it actually just moves windows around.
There's some multiscreen handling code and exclusion of windows on other virtual desktops (and yakuake), but that's more or less it.
And it of course centers a window out of sight on activation (by moving all windows accordingly) - Feb 02 2014

Kwin Scripts 18 comments

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Feb 22 2015
No idea, not been using KDE since more than a year. Sorry. - Oct 17 2016
How did you install it?
In doubt, download the tarball and run

plasmapkg[2] -i -t kwinscript file.kwinscript - Oct 26 2015

on KDE5, ~/.local/share/kwin/scripts

Your $HOME dir is very most likely not /home - Oct 26 2015
Screen Snapping

Kwin Scripts 14 comments

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Feb 06 2014
"They"? Actually I wrote the relevant patch.

We changed the behavior on top of the agreement that the screen edges are valuable (fitt's law) and the deco borders make little use of that value (the only thing you can do with them is to remove the window from that valuable area...) but "steal" them from the decorated client UI (scrollbars, toolbuttons, ...)

That caused a stupid situation for bad luck conditions. Few weeks after the patch, kde-workspace was "frozen" (shifting focus towards KDE 5) and some more weeks later, first reports of unhappy users filed in.

While one would probably not have gone for such rather invasive change, knowing it was "set in stone" (we'd just have added it to KDE5 instead), we neither could act anymore. Calamities *shrug*

We'll likely ultimately either pipe snapping through a script, so one can eg. treat konsole different from kwrite and the left corner different from the right etc. or provide a setting and rules. - Oct 21 2015
Thanks a lot - that looks like an "off-by-one" issue, but doesn't occur here.

Do you get the same for the oxygen decoration?

If not:
what decoration do you use (some aurorae theme I assume) and does it also happen when suspending the compositor (Shift+Alt+F12)? - May 11 2014
Let's see whether we can sort that out ;-)

Center snapping was disabled but window snapping enabled?
And as result windows would snap to other windows and by this bleed into the other screen?

Was/is the window snapping distance bigger than the screen snapping distance?

(Maybe you could upload a screenshot of the problematic setting and constellation, ie. windows "mis-snapped"?) - May 10 2014
Hmm - simple horizontal strip. Looks like mine.

Do you have window snapping enabled and/or could there be windows or panels (latter don't require window snapping) that couls impact the behavior? - May 08 2014
It's supposed to work since the matching is done to

var area = workspace.clientArea(KWin.WorkArea, workspace.activeScreen, workspace.currentDesktop);

and the algorithm doesn't make differences between inner and outer screen edged.

It also works as expected here.
Can you please post the output of "xrandr -q"? - May 08 2014

Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
No sorry, not from my side (it'll take a while before I want to see gradients again ;-)

It's also unrealistic to maintain two GUI styles (you end up using only one and step-childing the other)

Feel free to port and release it the results, but I'll only fix reported bugs. - Oct 17 2015
Meh - we'll have to investigate on this systematically.

Please send me a mail (address in all source files) - I do not intend to do this via the kde-look forum ;-) - Sep 23 2015
If the board screws the patch, please send me a mail to get back a patch file in return. - Sep 22 2015
Thanks, can you try


--- bespin.cpp (revision 1739)
+++ bespin.cpp (working copy)
@@ -1269,7 +1269,6 @@
// those don't paint frames and rely on the tabbar, which we ruled and rule out (looks weird with e.g. cornerwidgets...)
if (tw->documentMode())
- QPainter p(tw);
QStyleOptionTabBarBaseV2 opt;
opt.documentMode = true;
@@ -1291,7 +1290,11 @@
opt.shape = QTabBar::RoundedEast; break;

+ if (opt.rect.isEmpty())
+ return true; // pointless
opt.tabBarRect = tw->rect();
+ QPainter p(tw);
drawTabBar(&opt, &p, NULL);
return true; // don't let it paint weird stuff on the cornerwidgets etc.
- Sep 22 2015
Screenshot for the beginning.
I've no more dolphin 4.x available (and last used bespin more than two years ago...) - Sep 21 2015
It's unfortunately not exactly a bug (and thus not easily "squished")

Styles that do not depend on KDE libraries have no legal access to this setting.

I've just "fixed" the dialog icons (r1727) - they were not set by Bespin at all, but inherited from QCommonStyle (which neither gets the value through the platform plugin...)

If you compile bespin yourself, it's very easy to change - the values are defined in pixelmetric.cpp - search for "IconSize" around line 225.

If I find a solution that does not invoke custom size settings nor digging around for the KDE settings location (it's not as simple as you might think), I'll of course add it - but right now, I don't know one :-( - Oct 12 2014
Nope, that doesn't explain any failure either - must be a build failure.

Please do

cd build
VERBOSE=1 make 2>&1 | tee make.log

and either send me make.log or paste it eg. at - Jul 01 2014
That warning should not be the blocker, though. There must be sth. else.

Please post the complete cmake output. - Jun 30 2014
That's not an error but a warning because some behavior changed between cmake 2.x and 3.0

You can safely ignore it. - Jun 28 2014
No, but I do - avoided in r1720 and fixed in r1721
The context help mechanism wasn't robust enough against short help lists.

Sorry and many thanks for the notice (hadn't tested the config dialog myself after adding the items - seemed foolproof ;-) - Apr 14 2014
see r1718 - please notice that the tab position is not necessarily detectable (expect it to be not so for konsole/yakuake) - Apr 07 2014
you mean like to fix:

//TODO handle different bar positions (currently assumes top)

;-) - Apr 07 2014
No border on maximized windows

Kwin Scripts 3 comments

by tcat
Score 63.3%
Sep 08 2015

# other settings
# more other settings

then run
qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin reconfigure

Notice that this kind of script is *very* prone to cause an infinite recursion (see and - I did not test whether that's the case here, but would bet the authors right arm on it nevertheless ;-) - Sep 09 2015

Audioplayers 391 comments

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Sep 29 2017
If you check for a running (local) mpd server at start (on default port) you can probably reasonably just connect to it.

If there's no local mpd server running, you can (given mpd is installed ... ;-) start one and connect it, but you sacrifice the wizard that asks the user what you want to do (in case mpd is just installed along libmpdclient and he actually wanted to connect his RasPi)

It's a trade-off, but my main objection would be "why use an mpd client just to abuse mpd to playback local files only" - and drop about everything (database, network, client/server) that's cool about the mpd approach.

Is the http server btw. in the cantata process, ie. if you quit cantata, playback stops? - Aug 02 2015
Cantata is an mpd client; mpd is a music database/playback system.

It's not designed to "just play a file" at all.

Some clints "fake" random local file support by temporarily adding the files to the database, but i'd say you're rather looking for something like smplayer. - Aug 01 2015

QtCurve 10 comments

Score 72.2%
May 03 2014
should be fixed, commit 738404868fdfb56ba2eaf85fb6c09b4e7f3cf878 - Apr 25 2015
You probably also reported

I've not installed plasmashell atm (had, laughed, deleted) and it conflicts w/ kde-workspace on archlinux.

I assume plasma sets the background role color to Qt::transparent to do its themed thing (and fails), but cannot make an informed statement atm.

I can probably check around easter, but you could try whether this is only an issue when inverting popups (that /is/ configurable in "virtuality config" ;-) - Apr 02 2015
There's a standalone config tool, just run "virtuality"
There's yet neither a deco (waited until KDecoration2 matured - i'll likely write it before April, though) nor a style kcm plugin (i'll have to lookup whether that has a stable ABI meanwhile ;-), no - Feb 07 2015
... and commit 7571f06 re-establishes resolution detection - did I thank you for this heads up yet? I would probably *never* have expected that sth. in virtuality broke the clipboard (and even if, bisecting would have taken much longer ;-) - Aug 28 2014
*Many* thanks for this notion.

This broke very recently and I had actually noticed the clipboard was broken, but misblamed an X11 update.

The bug seems somehow in Qt/QDesktopWidget which, when called "early" breaks eventhandling for the clipboard (a similar bug was fixed in Qt, 5 years ago, for additional QDesktopWidget instances, see

Hot-fixed with commit 06c9d85 in master.

Now I got to figure a reasonable way to get to the screen resolution differently ;-)

Many thanks again! - Aug 28 2014

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

Score 85.2%
Mar 04 2012
Good to know.

However, /usr/lib64 is not a standard (for x64 systems)
As far as i could figure, Fedora sets LIB_SUFFIX in some "rpmbuild" cmake module, which is probably only invoked by rpmbuild - they might want to add that to some global cmake module (in the x64 cmake package) - Dec 03 2014
Good to hear that beclock works =)

It installs into ${PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR} as determined by the KDE cmake module.

You could try:

But I don't know whether the variable would not just be overridden.
Fedora should probably adjust
/usr/share/apps/cmake/modules/KDELibsDependencies.cmake to point KDE4_LIB_INSTALL_DIR (and some others) to /usr/lib64 - Dec 02 2014
Whatever plugin is loaded is pre commit af5db8f5d9399f59bad3c10e807a4c7ce73549ca

If the version you compiled has this commit ("git log", it's labeled "wire show and hide to dbus") it was not installed to some KDE plugin path.

Check the installation paths in "make install" and compare that to the output of

strace /usr/bin/kwin --replace 2>&1 | grep beclock

(to see which plugin kwin loads)
The install the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable (in the build dir, run "ccmake ..", ccmake is the curses gui variant of cmake) - Dec 02 2014
It's not considered active, what's pretty strange (should have always been active before and now unless explicitly hidden, even if fedora had reverted the active state default)

- Is the dbus interface activatable?
qdbus org.kde.KWin /BeClock show

- Can you post the "[Effect-BeClock]" section in ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc ? - Dec 01 2014
No, you're right - logic error on my side.
"#if 0" is the correct substitution.
Sorry for that.

Did you restart KWin (in doubt login/logout) after the installation?

What's the present "qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin supportInformation" output?

You *might* have to compile the 4.10 branch instead - this depends on what patches Fedora has backported :-\

Does the clock "appear" when you damage the area below (ie. eg. move a video player below the supposed position)?

$ git checkout 4.10 - Nov 30 2014
There's some issue with the kwin effect header.

This call:
no matching function for call to ‘KWin::EffectsHandler::unreserveElectricBorder(KWin::ElectricBorder&)’
effects->unreserveElectricBorder( border );

Is preproc'd

Which was bumped in February 2013 with

commit 8faf62d8b42a782ea0b2efe33ef3915342ac3903
Author: Martin Gräßlin
Date: Thu Feb 7 11:43:40 2013 +0100

ABI change in new screen edge implementation

Unfortunately, the actual API change was in a different commit:
commit 3358685a52be3c7cef1497b6f84b7d1af2f920d7
Author: Martin Gräßlin
Date: Tue Jan 22 12:47:06 2013 +0100

Change the way how screen edges interact with Effects/Scripts

Martin just forgot to bump the API tag.

However, both where in git master before tagging 4.11

So it seems that Fedora has backported *some* commits and introduced a gap by that.

=> Either bump the version in
or in beclock.cpp, replace every occurrence of
#if 1

To compile for the correct API version. - Nov 27 2014
So it's loaded but not considered active.
As be::clock doesn't reimplement Effect::isActive, this sugests fedora has reversed the default of that function downstream.

-> update from
(git fetch; git rebase origin/master) and recompile - commit 6a40196c0d45aa5bd6f391bb46e8b3a3dd116fb8 reimplements Effect::isActive() and should return true whenever required. - Nov 26 2014
I don't want the diff - I don't actually want the loaded/active plugins (I can assume that it's not loaded)
I'd need to see the entire KWin setup.

However, I especially need to know where the be::clock plugin stems from (fedora package, 3rd party or self compiled. A pre-compiled version may just be of outdated KWin effects API and simply needs recompilation)

And no: not dead - I would delete entries of finally abandoned stuff ;-) - Nov 26 2014
Self compiled BeClock or does RH simply no more include a package?
(Please notice that there's no port for KWin/KF5 yet)

If self-compiled and on KDE4, please paste the output of "qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin supportInformation" somewhere. - Nov 25 2014
Lower active window

Kwin Scripts 3 comments

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Oct 10 2013

run "kcmshell4 keys", select "kwin", filter for "lower" - Sep 25 2014

QtCurve 16 comments

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Aug 20 2015
No problem.
I just thought because Rob suggested, you two were on a c++ style. - Aug 11 2014

took the freedom ;-P - Aug 10 2014

Audioplayers 40 comments

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Feb 05 2013
That's not a critical error - desktop-file-utils triggers a recache of the installed applications (so that be.mpc shows up in the progrma menu)

It's provided by and should be dependency of many desktop linux packages (including Qt) - Apr 04 2014
Snap To Deco

Kwin Scripts 3 comments

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Oct 20 2013 - Feb 06 2014
Windows 7

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles
by Brahimsalem

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3   Apr 21 2013

Wallpapers KDE Plasma
by xxx574xxx

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3   Oct 12 2012
kde start menu

Icon Sub-Sets
by cpliviu

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3   Jan 12 2012
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