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Thomas McGuire

Utilities by cs19713 103 comments

I got the following compilation error:
src/qtraylabel.cpp: In destructor `virtual QTrayLabel::~QTrayLabel()':
src/qtraylabel.cpp:79: error: `exit' undeclared (first use this function)
src/qtraylabel.cpp:79: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
for each function it appears in.)

Including stdlib.h in qtraylabel solves this problem.

Thanks for this useful app.
Maybe you should also mention in the README that you can add KDocker to the KMenu and assign a shortcut for it.
Now the only thing I need to dock a window is to press Win+^ and click on that window (like XKill). - Jun 19 2004
Kicker Pager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by epoch 103 comments

Sounds nice, but I can not get it to work.
It compiles & installs fine, but when I add the applet to kicker, it is not shown. There is only this arrow for Moving and removing it.
How can I fix this ?

Thomas - Jun 19 2004
RMT-Installer (Kommander 1.0beta1)

System Software by chapaevrmt 13 comments

The app looks great, but I can not get it to work correctly. I even had huge troubles with the installation.
My main problem is that the whole RPM creation does not work (see below).
But this app is already useful for normal installation.

Keep up the good work!

I hope my comments help you to improve the app.

So here are the things which should be improved:

It puts the whole path into the name field (rpm tab), e.g.
Just kdocker would be nicer.
The filename should not be put in the version field.

The "view readme" button should be disabled (grayed out) if no readme exists.
Same for the other buttons (INSTALL,TODO,...)

The konsole which opens when pressing start (make & configure and others) should be closed automaticly if finished (if possible).

The RPM build dir should be configureable.
I do not like ~/rpmbuild.
If you implement this, please remember the setting via config file.

Please let the app remember the content of the "Prefix" field.

RPM Problems :
After clicking step one:
"Error in script for widget ExecButton10_2:Unknown DCOP function: ''."

When clicking the "Advanced" Tab :
"Error in script for widget RPMSpecFile: Unknown DCOP function: 'spec'."
(several times). I did not yet do step 2.
This error is shown several times, it would be nice to have a "Don't show again" checkbox which prevents the display of the error until the next start of the app. But that is probably a Kommander issue.

After clicking step two:
"Error in script for widget ExecButton10_2_2:Unknown DCOP function: 'list'."
"Error in script for widget ExecButton10_2_2:Unknown DCOP function: 'spec'." (several times again)
"Kommander file /usr/local/lib/rmtinstall/ does not exist."

The spec file which is mentioned in the dialog is NOT created.
(The rpmbuild/BUILD dir was created correctly).

Because of the missing spec file, step 3 did not work.


The installer of the installer is really crap !

There are several errors in the install script :

Line 17: mkdir /usr/local/lib /usr/local/lib/rmtinstall is split into two lines, which results in /usr/local/lib/rmtinstall never being created.

Line 23: spelling error : ligin instead of login
(there were some other spelling errors but I don't remember now).

Line 85 : "if ls /usrlocal/bin | grep kmdr-executor" should be "if ls /usr/local/bin | grep kmdr-executor"

Additonally, my kmdr-executor is located in /home/kde3/kde-unstable/bin/ and not in
/usr/local/bin or /usr/bin. The installer does not even look in PATH and tells me it is not installed.

Do not name the Kommander files .so ! I first thought is was a libary. This is really misleading. Please change the names to

The paths are hardcoded, for example
kmdr-executor /usr/local/lib/rmtinstall/ (in rmt-installer.kmdr)
Since rmt-installer.kmdr and popup.kmdr are in the same directory, the whole path in front
of it should be removed.
This would help to make it possible to install rmt-install in an other directory than /usr/local.

It should install in any directory I want, for eample I would prefer /home/kde3/kde-unstable (which is my $KDEDIR) instead of /usr/local. This would also not require root access to install.

And finally, the installer does not create the ~/.kde/share/apps/rmt-installer directory, so the popup things like "View Readme" won't work. - Jun 14 2004

Developers Apps by sequitur 57 comments

Tanks, I did not know that trick, I thought it was for CVS only.

Compiling right now (I really need a faster PC...). - Jun 14 2004

Developers Apps by sequitur 57 comments

I just tried to compile Kommander, but unfortunately I got the following error :

Making all in editor
make[3]: Entering directory `/home/kde3/.Desktop/kommander-1.0alpha4/kommander/editor'
cd ../.. && \
/bin/sh /home/kde3/.Desktop/kommander-1.0alpha4/admin/missing --run automake-1.7 --gnu kommander/editor/Makefile version mismatch. This is Automake 1.7.6, but the definition used by this AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE comes from Automake 1.7.9. You should recreate aclocal.m4 with aclocal and run automake again.
make[3]: *** [] Error 1

Does anybody know what to do ?
I know this is not the fault of Kommander, but rather the fault of autotools. I really HATE them ! They have prevented me from compiling many apps...

Thank you for your help !

Thomas - Jun 13 2004