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th veillon , United Kingdom
Crystal Diamond Icons

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Mar 20 2012
Thanks for your interest, this would be easy, but i'm not talking about the "shortcut" icons in the taskbar, i'm talking about those miniature icons that represent the app in the list off open windows. I'm about to find the answer and I managed to change the Icedove one, only Iceweasel and a couple of others still resist.
I left the problem aside due to lack of time, but i'll post the answer when i find one.

Again thanks for your work. - Apr 23 2008
Hi, great set, I'm using the Debian mod and I can't figure out how to change the icons displayed in the taskbar, it's still the old ones (for example Iceweasel is the dull blue thingy when I would like one of the cool icons from the set !).

If someone knows the location of the icons used by the taskbar applet, that would be great, thanks. - Apr 09 2008

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Mar 04 2008
Both my wife and child have adopted this wallpaper, and believe me they're not easy to surprise wallpaper-wise ! Nice work, you now have two new fans ! - Mar 05 2008

Yakuake Skins
by prostosuper

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9   Dec 12 2012