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KDE4 Google Chrome Theme 'Sky'

Various Stuff 27 comments

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May 31 2010
Hi I am the original creator of this theme. I was looking through my old projects and realised the download link pointing to an external URL is dead. Luckily the brilliant internet archive project made a snapshot of the file so here is the link for anyone who might want to install the theme. I've tested it on the latest version of chrome and it still works perfectly: - May 07 2018
Thanks :)

It would be really easy. All the documentation is easily accessible online and chrome will even package and sign the the theme for you.

Google and GIMP (and ark) are your friends! - Nov 01 2010
Sorry i dont really have the time to do this. The theme is old now anyway and doesn't really work with kde 4.4.

Feel free to change it yourself though. - Jun 02 2010
Just reinstall it from the download link above. - Dec 20 2009

The bugs you are describing are now fixed in 0.3.

:) - Dec 10 2009
That is sweet. Far more oxygen like than the other firefox themes.

Bespin coming soon? :p - Dec 10 2009
Link? :) - Dec 10 2009

You mean the panel with composting enabled. The air panel is actually a grey colour. It is only blue when there is a blue background (air wallpaper) and composting is enabled because its transparent.

I see the colour you mean now though and may look into this more ;) - Dec 10 2009
ahhh... i see. I may do a more oxygen/bespin like colour scheme soon. With this theme i just wanted to kind of mix the default style of chrome with air.

:) - Dec 10 2009
Do you mean the tabbar of version 1.0? - Dec 10 2009
I may do other colours/styles soon.

Thanks though ;) - Dec 10 2009
No problem and thanks for your constructive comments earlier :) - Dec 10 2009
Try to fix a glitch around url bar:

Wish i could... chrome will not allow it. Infact this is the best it can be at present :(

Difference between open and background tabs looks too drastic:
Like background tabs belong to another theme

In-fact i like this it gives clear definition between background and forground tabs. I did initially make the tab-bar the same gradient as the background. It looked awful lol but i may change this at some point (dunno how yet)

Try to use oxygen icons, something like this:

You have to do this yourself in google chrome's settings (looks crap). Unfortunately you cant package or configure the theme to use icons in the .crx yet. - Dec 09 2009
macish bespin preset.

Various Stuff 7 comments

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May 31 2010
The dock in that pic is AWN.

:) - Aug 23 2010
Thx :) - Jan 20 2010
Its the bespin icon theme in the "cloudcity" svn folder. There is a script in the icons folder you can use to build the package.

:) - Jan 20 2010

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

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Jun 01 2010
Great job! Great distro!

English version soon? - Jun 02 2010
Titanium Bespin config

Various Stuff 32 comments

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May 31 2010
You will need a fast pc with composting enabled to use the new version. Use the previous version if you are having problems.


My macish bespin preset is much better than titanium. - May 31 2010
You will need hardware acceleration (nice GPU and drivers) to use the new version. If anyone wants the last version, please ask.

:) - Jan 09 2010
THX :) - Nov 28 2009
Disregard that^

Dumb moment :/

You need to uncheck 'DRAW FRAMES (CONNECTED)' under Buttons, Toolbuttons in the bespin config app. :) - Nov 27 2009
Just uncheck 'sunken groupboxes' under 'windows' in the bespin config app :) - Nov 27 2009
No problem! I didn't think anyone still used it... Will re-upload later :) - Nov 27 2009
Your welcome :) - Nov 24 2009

Its nothing to do with the theme XD - Nov 23 2009

Ive had this problem and its easy to fix. You just need to chenge the permissions of the directory to your user via the chown command. To do this in a terminal (assuming you are using ubuntu) do the following:

From the login screen press ctrl alt F4

Then type (appending USERNAME with your own):

sudo chown -R USERNAME /home/USERNAME/.ICEauthority

Press ctrl alt F7 and login.

Any probs, just post back. - Nov 23 2009
Your welcome :) - Nov 12 2009
Assuming you installed bespin from svn, you can just add a standard panel (r-click on desktop, add panel. Then shrink the panel vertically and add the 'xbar widget' to the panel. Bespin will take care of the rest ;). - Nov 12 2009
Thanks :). I think its a bit more consistent than before lol. - Nov 10 2009
Thanks :)

I have to agree :(. Though the concept of the boarder was great, bespin just isn't configurable enough to really style the boarder nice. - Nov 10 2009
How do you guys like the new config? Should i bring the black boarders back?

P.s If you want the grouped tool buttons back you must update to the latest version (5:30 pm GMT) ;) - Nov 10 2009
kde ticket

Cliparts 5 comments

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Jan 20 2010
Well chuffed mate!

OMG that was bad :/ - Jan 21 2010

I only said as that is an english ticket. I had one of those yesterday funnily enough! - Jan 20 2010
How can i tell you are a britt? XD - Jan 20 2010
Blue Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes 1 comment

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Jan 21 2010
Looks really neat :) - Jan 21 2010
Win7-bright (KDE 4.4)

Aurorae Themes 12 comments

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Jan 19 2010
Yeah and most are worse than this!!! - Jan 19 2010
Right on!!!

Mabey its his time of the month lol. - Jan 19 2010
Win7-dark (KDE 4.4)

Aurorae Themes 10 comments

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Jan 19 2010
Saucer of milk, table 2. Meowwwwwwwwwww


But seriously, why copy. You have more than enough talent to design your own. Its better than half the poor aurorae designs out there anyway.

It is shit though, that must be said.

Just keep trying!!!!! - Jan 19 2010
[Cairo-Dock] Oxygen

Cairo-Dock Themes 13 comments

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Feb 09 2009

People should use google code as you can have a direct link (to your dload) for free!!! - Jan 13 2010
Bongos - a New Social Desktop

Desktop Concepts 7 comments

by Izo
Score 58.0%
Dec 21 2009
Really good idea but the theme looks too solid.

:) - Dec 11 2009
Flor KDE

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

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Jul 29 2010
Yeah, almost. Kinda like the 'air' wallpaper blue :) - Dec 08 2009
Could you do this in 'air' blue? - Dec 01 2009
Air theme for chromium browser

Various Stuff 15 comments

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Nov 25 2009
Getting a 404 when i try to dload the .crx now? - Dec 03 2009
Can you use an svg (for the background etc) instead? Would help with the resize issue. - Nov 25 2009
No worries then :( Its still a great theme anyway XD - Nov 25 2009
Great work but could you make the buttons hilight blue on hover??? - Nov 25 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 397 comments

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Jan 30 2012
Its all in the plasmapkg which is just a .zip ;) - Nov 28 2009

Plasma Themes 117 comments

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Jan 05 2010
Balls :( - Nov 26 2009
Sry should have explained better :) What i mean is you can select an 'air like circle overlay' for windows in bespin. Is there any way to alter this so the 'overlay' matches ur plasma design? That would be nice :) - Nov 26 2009
Could you get these widget backgrounds into the window backgrounds part of the bespin config app??? Really nice plasma theme tho :) - Nov 25 2009
kde ticket

by starwolf

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Jan 20 2010

Plasma Color Schemes
by him

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Jan 10 2010

Wallpaper Other
by mentalrey

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Jan 10 2010
techno K

Wallpaper Other
by mentalrey

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Jan 10 2010
fsrunner for KRunner

System Runners
by andersaa

Score 83.0%
Dec 20 2009
Score 50.0%
Nov 25 2009