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Native Resolution Switcher

Utilities by tony134340 7 comments

Thanks. I was using the wrong command to try to start it with. It's pretty much the same thing as the resapplet app I was using.

I still see no way for it to use a key press to switch resolutions which was my original intent. But still, it's a handy app. - May 08 2007
Native Resolution Switcher

Utilities by tony134340 7 comments

I googled it and looked and looked. I can't find it anywhere to download. I couldn't find it in the Ubuntu repositories either. It supposedly comes with some distros from what I read but apparently not Kubuntu or perhaps Ubuntu Feisty. And it's supposedly the obsoleted program I heard about that let you do the ctrl+alt+(+ or -) resolution change.

Anyhow, the xrandr command works just fine for my needs. It's the quickest and least hassle solution since I only use one resolution. - May 07 2007
Native Resolution Switcher

Utilities by tony134340 7 comments

It's just a quick solution I use if a game or app such as in my case, xdtv and a couple other games, didn't change back to my monitor's native resolution after I exited them. I heard there used to be a way in KDE to use the ctrl+alt+"+ or -" to change it but I suppose they stopped doing that for some reason.

I got tired of going into my KDE monitor settings everytime to change it back, which was sometimes frequent.

If you want, you can use the "xrandr -s 1680 x1050" command I used in the script to make KDE menu shortcut, then link it to a key press. The push button functionality to change resolution is what I was after and this to me was the quickest and easiest. Also you can change it to your own resolution if you like, just make sure your monitor supports it. - May 07 2007
Silver XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 62 comments

Extract the files and put the .theme file and cursor folder in a titled folder named 'silver' or whatever and archive it into tar.bz2 format for those of you on Kubuntu or using a later version of KDE. Otherwise I would get a 'not a correct theme file' error when trying to install using the mouse theme manager. - Apr 30 2007
Align Desktop Icons

Dolphin Service Menus by mstolove 5 comments

Would you know if it's possible to align the icons in Konqueror with a service menu? If so, that would be handy. I would do it myself if I knew how. - Dec 05 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by prjanique 305 comments

Thanks, I also got the error since I moved to Kubuntu Edgy but I just did the "bash" part and all is good. Great script. I wish it was in by default. - Nov 26 2006
flv2mpeg 1.1.1

Dolphin Service Menus by tony134340 6 comments

Thanks, but as far as I know, VLC is the only player I know of that can play flv files in Linux. I've tried lots of others. Some would play them but you get no sound. - Nov 26 2006
Root Actions Servicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus by kubicle 228 comments

Love it. This and the automount ISO service menu should be default with (k)Ubuntu. - Nov 23 2006