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Tony Wolf Bad Homburg, Germany

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Sep 02 2013
I added openSUSE 13.1 repo to the openSUSE lekture package.

Have a nice day!
Tony - Dec 10 2013
Hi orestes1965,

you said, that you like to replace QtGstreamer, because of the lack of 1.0 support. I remembered it while reading a new blog post, which might be interesting for you :-)

> - Replacing gstreamer 0.10 dependency with gstreamer 1.0. this implies getting rid of QtGstreamer, a very useful travel companion, but sadly it only supports gstreamer 0.10 at present.

Here is the blog post:

Have a nice day!

Kind regards
Tony - Dec 05 2013

I just created a spec file for openSUSE (12.2 to Factory).

It seems to work, at least for me. It's based on your recent commit ( ca7512726415c163dac4977f44cdce9ce4c666ca ).

As I don't have any Fedora installation here, everyone is very welcome to branch the package on the build service :-) (patches are welcome too!)

here is the build-service URL:

And to the repositories:

May be, the package will help spreading your great work!

Thank you and keep going!
Tony - Aug 05 2013

Education Apps
by orestes1965

Score 75.8%
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