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Network by pnawrocki 287 comments

I have an Acer Ferrari 3400 running FC7. I am pretty much a noobie, but I manged to install the lastest wl_apsta.o and bcm43xx-006. I also have installed wlassistant.

I am able to use wlassistant to scan the neighbourhood and see all the networks. I am able to connect with those that do not have any encription. I cannot connect to my LAN with has WEP. I have a Dlink router holding my lan together. The settings are open with a hex key. Windows connects without a problem, but FC7 will not connect. My router is listed in the scan and it correctly tells me it uses WEP.

My encription is 10-decimals. If I enter the decimals into Windows, it works, but not in FC7

Please forgive the typos...I am, after all, typomaster

typomaster - Aug 12 2007