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Jeff Davis , United States of America

Screensavers by ulam 6 comments

Hi there, you are correct it's a port from Qstars. I did mention that and give full credit in the documentation... But just to be clear. This was forked from QStars 0.4, (at the request of the author of QStars) and is merely a port from QT3 to QT4 libraries. There has also been some small changes in regards to the centering of some of the objects for very large desktop resolutions but other than that it is essentially the same.

You probable need the QT devel packages to obtain qmake. - Jun 22 2008

Screensavers by Andi 41 comments

Just wanted to comment, I've taken this very awesome screensaver and ported it to work with QT4, at the authors request I forked the project and have posted it under QCosmos here: - May 04 2008