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Eugene K , Russian Federation
Qt Widgets

Qt Widgets 33 comments

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Mar 20 2009
Q != K
All kde-specific code was rewritten or thrown away. - Apr 14 2011
Code is based on Konsole - Apr 14 2011
Project is not dead, definitely. Though not so alive as I'd like to.
It's even being updated in cvs from time to time and has a couple of more alive forks.
I cannot promise KParts at all - I have no such needs.. and I already don't remember how it can be done. If you could provide relevant code patch, I would add it to project - Apr 13 2011
I think that this won't work on Windows. Maybe somehow it could be compiled on cygwin, but I'm not sure. - Apr 16 2010
It seems that the widget cannot obtain the focus. Maybe there is any special behavior in qt/embedded? try to check src/main.cpp first - Feb 18 2010
Did you try to run not QTerminal, but the QTermWidget test app? - Feb 18 2010
to defines (depending on your system pseuduterminal parameters), as in .pro file.

- Mar 21 2009
Solaris part of KPTY was taken as is from KDE code - maybe you should add some additional includes.. I have no solaris now and cannot check it immediatelly. I`ll try to do it a little bit later. - Dec 29 2008

For MinGW, you should perform some additional actions.
I`m not sure if it`s possible to compile and run qtermwidget from Win, and I cannot verify it myself. If you can do this, please inform me about the results. - Aug 03 2008