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Arnaldo Boscani Narzole, Italy
Dolphin Service Menus
Secure Delete Servicemenu (kde3 - kde4)

Dolphin Service Menus 11 comments

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Apr 20 2009
In my system this service menu (and also others service menus) don't work with dolphin in 'system:/home/', where i get the 'kdialog not found' message even if i own the file, but works fine in '/home/vanbosco/' instead.
Perhaps this is what is happening to you.

vanbosco. - Nov 15 2008
I can't test if it works or not with kde4 but the correct path to place your service menus is:

vanbosco. - Nov 15 2008
Hi, Mike. Are sure that the package secure-delete is installed? - Aug 10 2008
Hi spikyatlinux, i get that error when i try to delete a file that i don't own.
In next version i'm planning to write a script to check ownership of files/folder and eventually display a warming message. - Mar 03 2008