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sampath vangari
Netstat English

Plasma 4 Extensions by mboscovich 9 comments

The new version took some time to establish itself 1 minute but at last I got required output

Thanks a lot for providing the plasmoid

I would like to request for a feature

that would be
adding the feature to change display settings like

FONT FACE ( I mean font name like sans serif or liberation sans )

I saw these features in other plasmoids and they look perfect with that features we want the same awesomeness in this plasmoid too ..

Reason for requesting the feature
when a user is opening a lot of connections then the plasmoid takes a lot of space on his desktop which he doesn't want it if we can change the font size then it will be easy to manipulate the display settings to ones liking

we hope the request will be served soon - Sep 01 2010
Netstat English

Plasma 4 Extensions by mboscovich 9 comments

Hey I liked your plasmoid in the first sight

I would like to give some suggestions which make the plasmoid even better

right now the addresses are in IP address format ..but many people dont know which IP belongs to which domain name in order to eliminate the confusion if we add the column domain name then it will be easy to distinguish the connections easily

my suggestion is to make the template like this

port address domain name count - Aug 31 2010
Netstat English

Plasma 4 Extensions by mboscovich 9 comments

There is a netstat.pyc file which is responsible for display of text on plasmoid as far as my thinking goes

I tried to edit it but its not editable

anyhow the translation is not yet reflected in this updated package

I hope to get a working translation soon - Aug 30 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions by mboscovich 2 comments

can you please convert the plasmoid into english so that everyone can use it - Aug 30 2010
Libpurple KWallet Plugin

Chat & Messenging by andreimihaila 5 comments

We always love the stuff like this

Its cool to have gnome embracing kde
which results in stronger DE for linux - Jul 19 2010
Orkut Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions by debz 7 comments

Image hotlink:
Thumb hotlink:

as one can see that the left top corner is disturbed by the scrolling in the orkut widget .

This effect is not alone the problem of your widget ..but it is a bug of plasma ..I read it in kde bugs list ..but if you have any workaround for it then please post it here - Jul 17 2010
Orkut Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions by debz 7 comments

after this suggestion the widget works for me ...

there is a scrolling issue with the plasmoids and top right corner ...I have heard that is plasma bug I will wait for an update to clear this ...well if you have any workaround for this then please share with me - Jul 15 2010
Orkut Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions by debz 7 comments

I installed both packages as per your instruction but still the plasmoid doesn't work ..I mean it remains blank ..but at the same time I get facebook widget perfectly ..

well my environment is kde 4.4.5

is there any other way for me to get this widget working in my present environment - Jul 14 2010
Orkut Widget

Plasma 4 Extensions by debz 7 comments

this is the output I got after installing the package

sam@sam-desktop:~/Downloads$ plasmapkg -i
plasmapkg(27413)/libplasma Plasma::PackageStructurePrivate::createPackageMetadata: No metadata file in the package, expected it at: ""
Successfully installed /home/sam/Downloads/

and moreover I couldn't able to get any orkut basic login page, reload the page or even the ORKUT SETTINGS is also not working ..I mean I couldn't get any settings ...all I get is blank widget .

if this is not the correct way to use it then please shed some light on using it - Jul 13 2010

GTK2 Themes by horst3180 4 comments

can you tell me how did you get the big icons in the left pane in nautilus

did u replaced the icons of 22 size with other or any other technique - Sep 16 2009
Sun Festa

Icon Sub-Sets by joo 12 comments

I have a problem when viewing folders ...I get gnome default ones ...and regarding other icons ...

icons are pretty simple ..we need some more information from it .

if it is text then txt
pdf -->pdf
perl program -pl
python program -py
mp3 song -mp3

information on icon is always welcome helps us to locate files easily just by glancing and not reading file names each and everytime .. - Sep 09 2009
Totem on second screen as fullscreen

Nautilus Scripts by lbadder 3 comments

so u say that if I have a single monitor it won't work for me - Aug 10 2009

Nautilus Scripts by Hirs 5 comments

I get message like subtitles downloaded successfully but I dont find any subtitles in the folder .. - Aug 10 2009

Nautilus Scripts by hemanth 2 comments

I dont get what is the use of this script

if you can provide where this script is used like some real time situations ...or else you know for what u have made it share that info .so that we can know how to use it and for what ? - Aug 10 2009

Nautilus Scripts by boemianrapsodi 3 comments

for me its not working ..I get the path dailog box and I give a path but still not extracting to that path .. - Aug 10 2009

Nautilus Scripts by Hirs 5 comments

I get a error everytime

I could get the subtitles list but everytime it says that subtitle cannot be downloaded or something related to it ..

after some work around I think that error is something within these lines of code

link = url + "download-" + links[j][10:]
subName = origFileName[:-3] + "srt"
response = os.system("wget -O - \"" + link + "\" |zcat > " + subName )

if you can please make this working many would be benifited ..or else if you have perfectly working script then upload it here - Jul 11 2009
Python vs Java

Wallpaper Other by luinux22 3 comments

link is not working - Jul 10 2009

Metacity Themes by thekalabawfactor 7 comments

which font are you using - May 30 2009
Toggle previews

Nautilus Scripts by vbsampath 3 comments

even I face the same problem but I have a solution for it

why don't you try pressing F5 or else refresh the nautilus after toggling the menu item - May 18 2009

Nautilus Scripts by danf1979 2 comments

I get a problem using the GUI interface

when I place this script in nautilus script and binary file to /bin and all that extra stuff ...

so I tested out terminal its all ok my firefox I can see the files as of webserver

but when I use nautilus to share files then I get error

""There was an error creating the child process for this terminal""

what could be wrong in my procedure - Apr 14 2009
Find and Replace

Nautilus Scripts by subverted 1 comment

Can you please tell us how to use this ..

Im not getting how this influence my daily work .....

can u post some of the case studies where this script will be useful so that other people will he benefited - Apr 14 2009
Join avi

Nautilus Scripts by ubuntuwin 3 comments

How to import the schemas file ?
I did it through the nautilus-actions config window ....but it says error like parsing error and it also missing some keys it seems ..

Is there any other way to import the schemas - Apr 14 2009
tinypic uploader

Nautilus Scripts by magicmarkers 17 comments

Hey sorry for the comment ..previously I didn't installed the CURL package so I got a error ..

But anyways I have some idea to develop this ....
well if the script could do a little extra ..

like redirecting the output of the filename ...the timestamp when we are uploading and then tinypic url a log file ..

you may ask where this will be useful
but some people like me forget easily just what I did some mins ago if I want my link back then I can get it from the log and there would be history of all uploads I done ..and it would be lot more organized when we are uploading lots of pics

well if any one can help me out on deleting my comments ..bcz the earlier comment should be deleted - Apr 14 2009
tinypic uploader

Nautilus Scripts by magicmarkers 17 comments

Hey buddy ..this script is not working for me ..

I selected a image of size 240x320 and its 14kb in size ..then I selected the script ...then I get the error FORM ERROR ..

what could I have done wrong here ...

when I did manually Its uploading ..i.e., via the website - Apr 14 2009
Totem on second screen as fullscreen

Nautilus Scripts by lbadder 3 comments

Hey chap

In my case your script is not working ..atleast I don't know how it is useful so I ask you that What is DISPLAY=0:1

Well I have 4 workspaces and when I executed this script then I switched to other workspaces but I couldn't find the video running ....but in system monitor I can see that totem is running ....

so make me clear this thing ....will this display concept work on different workspaces or different monitors - Apr 14 2009
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