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chris arr , Germany
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by VdoP
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Oct 23 2010
yea i just merged the experimental tree with trunk so it actually needs some more work on trunk and on the docs before this one can really be useful. So just stay tuned - there is an RC2 not too far away :)


Chris - Oct 20 2010

I heard of the dualhead-problems already.

Petr Vanek has submitted a patch to me, that was recently commited. It should make it at least usable. You can try to build it from SVN (Rev 114 contains this patch). Do not await many options, as this is not "top-of-the-agenda" right now.


Chris - Oct 18 2010
thanks for your Interest.
At the moment its mostly me writing everything that a few users i often ask for advice want and that fits the concept of "desktop-toolkit" as described in the wiki.

Well the link: should work, I just tested it.

Anyway, we mainly coordinate via mail and the qtDesktop google-group

Greetings Chris - Oct 18 2010

System Software
by TheRuso

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Oct 26 2010