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Video Apps by rvm 494 comments

I have used many video players but this one is by far the best.

The areas where I'd loved to see progress are:
1) better playlist support
2) bookmarking
3) style improvment
4) intergration with KDE4 technologies (strigi and nepomuk)

but I'm ready to wait for the last two :-D

Continue like this! - Apr 29 2007

Graphic Apps by littleelephant 9 comments

This does'nt seems to be a KDE/QT program! - Jul 03 2005

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

I really enjoy using this powerful music player.
The context menu is great: lyrics, WIKI, album cover. - Jul 02 2005
Continuum Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 62 comments

The "open folder" icon is clear now.
The "Mail" icon is better than in Sparking.

I can't wait for the other icons!
Arghh! it reminds me of Sparkling :) - Jun 20 2005
FoX Desktop 0.8

Various Stuff by LukA4e 6 comments

... but the download does'nt not work, I get the screenshot :( - May 30 2005
Continuum Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 62 comments

Great to see you want to work on a new icons set.
Small remark: it is difficult to see the document in the folder when the icon is small (suggestion: make a yellow document?). - May 30 2005
Amarok - New Blue Wolf

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 13 comments

This icon is crying for transparency .. alpha channel!! - May 28 2005
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities by kelvie 347 comments

Recently I discovered the power of Basket. I was reading a big pdf (IBM Redbooks 600 pages) and there were several diagrams/pictures which I copy/paste into my Basket.
Basket was very kind to export the content in html so I could present it to my colleague.

Next step, styling with CSS ? :-0) - May 26 2005

Audio Apps by mussgill 21 comments

Any plan to integrate with Amarok??? :-) - May 10 2005
Audio Format Converter

Amarok 1.x Scripts by mlmitton 67 comments

This is very useful when dealing with mp3 devices! - May 02 2005

Graphic Apps by nieder1 7 comments


Some partnership with Digikam and maybe Krita would be welcome. - Apr 21 2005
Debian KDE - Splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ThXmE 10 comments

You should add a reference to the Sparking icons!!! - Mar 15 2005

Various KDE Stuff by manaha 15 comments

Hi! I'm having a lot of trouble to install your software. I have to manually twick the makefile because the path are hardcoded. I'm working on Suse and apparently your makefile are oriented toward a debian installation :(

Nevertheless, your software seems really good! - Feb 13 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

Take your time ... and think at the following ;) :

What about having your home icon folder green coloured?

like in Nuvola: - Feb 01 2005
Amarok - Blue Wolf

Various Artwork by flow 39 comments

Some months ago, I suggested to the amarok team to take your xmms icon as a default icon (I really like it). They didn't accept it. Then I made the suggestion to make a contest. An now you win with a brand new icon !

I'm glad for you ... and for me as well ;) - Jan 09 2005
Pinux's Tux Cursors Theme

Cursors by pinux 77 comments

It's refreshing! - Jan 07 2005
Amarok - Dark Wolf

Various Artwork by flow 30 comments

Hi Da-Flow,

Why are you using a thin black line around this icon? Will it stay?

Good work on you Sparkling ! - Dec 15 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by uddw 154 comments

Very useful and stylish ! - Dec 13 2004

IDEs by milianw 80 comments

+1. A Good code completion is mandatory to speed up the development (especially when you don't know the api by heart!)

BTW, do we have code completion for the python or ruby bindings? - Dec 10 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by xvicx 2 comments

Continue your work! - Nov 22 2004
Kopete Visual

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by gr3gg 60 comments

I guess is talking about konference

See - Nov 09 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

Hi Da-Flow,

There is a great "technical" site called the "NETWORK-INTEGRATED MULTIMEDIA MIDDLEWARE", they have had contact with the KDE multimedias developers. They also have a nice "icon page" which reminds me of your xmms icon, which I think could evolve later into the same kind of multimedia icon.
(See top-right of the page)

Just some thought :| - Nov 03 2004

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

Suggestion for improvment.

Have a look at the following jukebox frontend:

I find the it very well designed (very intruitive). OK, it' not sexy:( - Oct 25 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

I was wrong ... The mail icon is very good !

And why not show the missing borders very slightly (so instead of a V shape I get an X shape).

No doubt, man, you have a framework for a terrific icon set. - Oct 08 2004
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

Instead of a tabs, why don't you use the side bar like Konqueror and Amarok do?

Thanks for you work, this is a great application! - Oct 03 2004
AmaroK : yet another eye :)

Various Artwork by zekant 13 comments

And I forgot to ask:
why don't you like the Sparkling icon (is it the representation, the quality of the graphic, other...) - Oct 01 2004
AmaroK : yet another eye :)

Various Artwork by zekant 13 comments

Why don't you make a contest?

Personally I don't think the woofer icon can represent what Amarok is. Whereas the latest Juk icon makes really sense. - Oct 01 2004

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments


:-) - Sep 27 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

1) We probably need more contrast for some of the icons. Think about the superb xmms icons. The transparency is nearly perfect but we don't see much contrast between the xmms_off and xmms_on icons. The "electric flash line" should be less transparent.

2) I would have no problem to change the grey icons like "Office" (by adding transparency ?!).

3) The blue is not necessary the default color (that's my interpretation of the theme ;) - Sep 22 2004

Various Artwork by Quickly 9 comments

You have a winner here but please make more contrast ! - Sep 19 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

It is not only a beatiful icon set. It is also clean and efficient.

I want to add 2 comments:
1) If you could add the 'kwallet' icon which is by default very ugly.
2) I think you can improve the Konqueror, mail and printer icons (more contrast for eg.)

Great work. - Sep 03 2004
Cezanne Mimetypes

Icon Sub-Sets by cjtown 4 comments

Clean icon set. I very much like it. - Aug 27 2004
Cezanne Devices

Icon Sub-Sets by cjtown 9 comments

It's difficult to see wether the devices is mounted or not (more contrast please :) - Aug 27 2004
MagicLinux Control panel

System Software by chunxiayu 30 comments

Can you explain us the purpose of this application? - Aug 11 2004
File tips - small improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by jadrian 9 comments

+1 - Aug 11 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

It's a pleasure to hear you are back. We where missing you, Da-Flow. - Aug 10 2004

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

Amarok has evolved very rapidly up to a point that I wonder if it is necessary to keep Juk and Amarok together.
Question: in the context of a Professional DJ application, in which areas (except for the internals) do we need improvment
- Kpart ?
- Dcop ?
- Other? - Aug 02 2004
Cezanne Document Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by cjtown 5 comments

Excellent quality! - Jul 29 2004
KDE Splash 3.3

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tDream 10 comments

I understand your point of view. This icon set does not seems to be maintained and is far from being completed. But they are still the best that I have seen so far on this site. - Jul 27 2004
KDE 3.3 Konquered Earth Splash-screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by arcisz 15 comments

I like it but can you make the planet smaller so we avoid the overlap? - Jul 27 2004

Audio Apps by wheeler 33 comments

I've just upgrade to amarok 1.0. Overall great. It is with small (but important) libraries like yours that this is possible. - Jul 27 2004
KDE Splash 3.3

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by tDream 10 comments

I like the splash except for the icons. I'm sure it will get better with the 'Sparkling' icons! - Jul 21 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments
or - Jul 20 2004
KDE Media Center (idea)

Desktop Concepts by djworld 22 comments

Why not sketch further your ideas (currently there are some inconsistencies between the buttons which I do not like).

An idea from Outlook 2003, the left view is divided in two part. An upper part containing a tree view (the directories) and a lower part containing a list of "thematic icons" (MAIL, CALENDAR, TODO,...).
Probably they did this because sreen sizes are getting bigger. - Jul 19 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by maitre 23 comments

The Sparkling icons are great (I love them!) but they are not completed and they don't seems to be maintained anymore.
Will it be possible to merge the "actions" icons from Sparkling with your icons? They perfectly fit together. - Jul 18 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

The perfect combination. The Sparkling icons replace perfectly the default action of baghira.

If someone could continue the work of
DA Flow ... ;-( - Jul 18 2004
Send to systray

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Diablo82 11 comments

I think the best is to overload the behaviour of the yellow button instead of adding a new button. - Jul 17 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by flow 217 comments

Here is the link - Jul 10 2004

System Software by zogje 21 comments

It is unclear for me how this tool will evolved. The interface is simply ugly and it just there to cover the fact that KDE is at some point too much configurable and lack .. coherency.

PS: This said, I love KDE.
PPS: Maybe a description of the design of kiosk will make me change my mind (UML diagrams with Umbrello?). - Jul 07 2004
KIO : desktop-wide integration - ideas

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by pinaraf 7 comments

If you think in terms of KIO it seems to be an issue accessing the right communication protocol (LDAP, IMAP, POP3,..). Otherwise it looks more like having two KDE components exchanging message (yes, all KDE components are not necessary widgets). The question being what is the kde 'background' component that handles this. - Jul 04 2004