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Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by Yama
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Jan 31 2009
I had to make some modifications to the servicemenus for use with KDE 4.5.5. In the mimetypes, a comma separator is being used when what is required is for a semicolon to be used. I'm not sure if this is something that has changes or if it has been broken all along, but I had to make this change to get my menus to work. with zip variants.

I haven't used the zip optimization until now, but the problem only presents itself with the zip and gzip.desktop files because these are the only ones using multiple mimetypes.

You may want to update these files... or the user can modify the two files themselves. - Mar 07 2011
Nevermind the bug report - I didn't notice one single non-png file file in the directory and that was all it took to cause the problem. - Jun 12 2005
I haven't used the 1.5 version much since upgrading, so there is something I just noticed. I used to be able to select an antire directory of .png files and the service menu would pop up and let me optimise an entire directory. Now this functionality has been lost. I'm certain it's not with KDE because the previous version (1.4) of the service menu worked perfectly under it. - Jun 12 2005
Edit: AdvanceCOMP does work with 8-bit files, but not all. - May 16 2005
Yama: I'm not certain if it is necessary or even feasible to use OptiPNG before using AdvanceCOMP. In most of the cases I've come into thus far, AdvanceCOMP would produce a larger file when used after OptiPNG. It appears that on truecolor bitmaps, OptiPNG is producing a better result than AdvanceCOMP, but on greyscale images AdvanceCOMP is clearly producing a lower file size by itself. It looks like it now has the functions to reduce the color map according to the content, thus stacking it with OptiPNG doesn't seem to make alot of sense. Also, AdvanceCOMP does not want to accept 8-bit input (newest version - I don't know about older), so using OptiPNG beforehand is not even an option on some images.

The conclusion I come to is that each utility has it's strengths an weaknesses dependant upon which type of input you choose. AdvanceCOMP IS significantly faster than the other tools that go through the trial-and-error sequence to get the best file size possible.

For the other users speaking of other tools - pngcrush IS unfortunately outdated. I have been getting the same or better results out of OptiPNG and pngout. I'm not saying it's not good...I'm saying it's not the only good one.

- May 16 2005
I found a solution that works for ME with this service menu. I was playing around with the PNG compression routines here because the service menu seemed to time out when using max compression. I wanted shell output to see if this was the case, as well as to see what the output results were for comparison. It was a simple matter of piping the command through "konsole". Here's how I modified the command syntax in the service menu file for OptiPNG-max:

Exec=konsole -T "OptiPNG Max Compression" --noclose --nomenubar --notoolbar -e nice -n18 optipng -preserve -o7 %F

For AdvanceCOMP-max:

Exec=konsole -T "AdvanceCOMP Max Compression" --noclose --nomenubar --notoolbar -e nice -n18 advpng -z -4 %F

For the user that was griping about using OptiPNG - Why don't you look at the command lines and just modify them, subbing in your own preferred tools instead of complaining about the authors choices? It's really not that difficult. I hope this info helps the author and users. - May 14 2005
Linux Powered

Cliparts 8 comments

by yopi
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Jul 10 2006
If you select the letter and use from the PATH menu "Object to Path", then the image will render into PNG without a problem without needing the proper font at all. If you're concerned about retaining editability, then keep a copy of the svg without the conversion and distribute the converted one. That will solve the problem for everyone. - Jul 31 2006

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Correction, the average bitrate for the --quality 9 encode should read 262.0 kbps - Apr 20 2006
I'm using v1.15 Alpha -

When I use mppenc --quality 10, mppenc reports:

SV 7.0 + XLevel coding, Profile 'below Telephone' - used an average bitrate of 3.4 kbps on the test encode.

When I use mppenc --quality 9, mppenc reports:

SV 7.0 + XLevel coding, Profile 'above BrainDead' - used an average bitrate of 3.4 kbps on the test encode. - Apr 20 2006
All of them ;) No, seriously. The functionality of the software would be greatly enhanced the more switches are available. Off the top of my head, I do like to switch OFF mid-side encoding, so this one is important to me personally. Quality for mppenc should include up to --above-braindead which is a 9 quality setting, the highest supported by musepack. This setting is not documented but it is there. Also, if you set your quality settings to 100% your command line issues a --quality 10 which is invalid and produces an invalid file. 9 is the highest. - Apr 16 2006
Okay, #1 is odd but it does not happen in other apps. Only in SoundKonvertor. It doesn't really matter anyhow as the package works and this reporting the proper version of KDE isn't critical in any fashion.

#2 I fixed myself quite by mistake. I needed to find an alternate name for the la binary I downloaded and chose lac for simplicity. I have it in lower case and it is in my ~/bin directory where it is picked up just fine. I needed to go into the backends section of the config and rescan to pick it up. Incidentally, I emphasized LAC in the message but named it lower case on my system. All of the codecs are filled except for a WMA encoder and swav, with replaygain missing from codecs where appropriate. Everything looks good, although I look forward to future emprovements to selecting more advanced encoding switches that are not available. - Apr 15 2006
This package is good, but there are two problems. #1 - The software is reporting that I'm using KDE v3.4.2 when I upgraded to 3.5. Perhaps this is because not all components are updated from 3.4.2.
#2 - I just installed the LA compression tool. Obviously there is already a command that exists "la" so I needed to rename the tool to LAC. What fils is this package looking for in order to recognise this tool? - Apr 14 2006

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Dec 28 2005
I'm not sure if this is the original author - he's a little new over there on DA, but here's the link to the piece: - Feb 06 2006

Education Apps 97 comments

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Apr 26 2007
Speaking of intolerance... by the look of the threads connected to this particular software the general concensus is that all other religions are okay as long as it isn't Christianity.

If you don't think the Bible is truth, then what should you care about the Christian beliefs? Should I jump down the throat of buddhists or muslims every time they do something I disagree with perhaps? If you want tolerance of your religion, then give tolerance for the religion of others.

For the record, I'm not Christian. - Nov 06 2005
Revolution KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes 12 comments

by teddy
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Apr 28 2005
The penguin can be changed, but you need to re-create the transparent panel that has the penguin on it with Gimp (or Inkscape) - Oct 10 2005
Linux Passion KDM

KDM3 Themes 15 comments

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Jan 10 2007
One thing, however. Was this based upon the "Revolution" KDM Theme? - Sep 06 2005

Wallpaper Other 7 comments

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Aug 11 2005
I think they were referring to the launch bar on the bottom of the screen in your theme which has the transparent background and large icons. - Aug 11 2005