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K Drummond , Ireland
Elegant Gnome Pack

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Nov 16 2010
Figured it out.

The problem seems to be with the 'banshee-meego' extension. Removing that lets banshee work normally with your theme.

Thanks again :-) - Aug 23 2010
That is strange... I reinstalled and restarted but I still get the following result:

Thanks for the quick response, I will keep checking my settings. - Aug 23 2010
I really like your theme and the direction you are taking it.

There seems to be a minor issue with banshee (1.7.0), the track info menu bar (track number/name/album/etc.) is white which makes the text virtually unreadable.

Thanks for such a great theme - Aug 23 2010
Canta theme

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by vinceliuice

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Mar 12 2018