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by Viras
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Jul 31 2010
Ah thanks a lot, will fix that in the next version :)!

(hopefully it will report the correct version then :p) - Dec 12 2009
Yes, finally I added the desktop entry, after forgeting it two times :).

Just updated the download links for gentoo! - Dec 12 2009
It seems as if the isMinimized function doesn't work in KDE4 (for whatever reason).
However I've changed the code to a workaround for now, and the minimize to tray should work in the next version again.

To get back your old stats, you have to copy all ktastats* files from the old kde3 directory ( .kde/share/config/ ) to the new kde4 dir ( .kde4/share/config/ ) (make sure KTA is not running).

Once done you should be able to display your old stats again! - Nov 30 2009

This is due to a bug in KTA, it will be fixed in the next release!

Regards - Nov 30 2009
Thanks a lot!

I added the Portage Entry to the download links!

Also thanks for the desktop entry, will add it to the package!
Maybe I will come up with a own Icon, I will see :)! - Nov 06 2009
I've just released version 0.5.1, which now completely uses CMake.

Hope this is what you expected :).

Viras - Nov 04 2009
Hi all!

As you may have noticed, it's been quite a while since I last update this app. That was due to some real-life issues called job and family :).
However I'm now planning to continue development of KTA. As a first step I will try to fix all the bugs outlined here, and will then port the whole app to KDE4.
I'm not planning to convert the tool into an plasma applet, because the intention of KTA is to provide network info in a "widget" way.

Thanks to all for you patience, will try to release something new as soon as possible!

Wolfi - Sep 24 2009
What do you mean by that?

You can resize the window to any size you want. If you just don't see a border you have to uncheck the option "No Border" in the Settings Dialog under "Window -> Appearance"! - Jul 01 2008
Sounds like a great idea and I will definitely add it once I add the traffic thresold! - May 29 2008
At the moment no icon is created. You have to manually start ktrafficanalyzer using the command line or pressing ALT+F2 and entering "ktrafficanalyzer".

Will add a script for creating the icons in the next release! - Sep 12 2007
Well the problem is, that there isn't any easy way to determine if the traffic goes to the inet or anywhere else - at least not any way I'm aware of. - Jul 03 2007
jup will add an option to optionally write the stats each time they are refreshed! - Apr 13 2007

The Problem is, that you have an old version of KTA running.

Just run a make uninstall before you run the make install (you can use the new release and just run make uninstall in it, make uninstall just deletes the binary file an the link to it). As I said above, after running make uninstall you can run make install again and it should work.

Will fix the makefile for the next release! - Apr 12 2007
Well the Settings-Tabs are made using QTDesigner, I already fixed it here => will be fixed in next version! - Apr 11 2007
Sorry - updated Tarball uploaded. I'm actually working on some more changes and didn't remove all references to it. Should work now!

PS: Please let me know if everything worked! - Apr 11 2007
Sorry for my absence - but real life keeps me busy :).

I'm of course perfectly fine when you modify the code I provide here, however I wont release it as an official version, because I've already done quite a few code-changes before you submitted your changes, so chaos would be perfect :).

So feel free to release your modified versions, but atm I wont add the changes to the "official" source tree (I will go through the changes and manually merge whereever possible). - Mar 19 2007
Yeah I actually noticed that right after uploading the new RPMs - I hope in the next Version I will do it right :).

Updated Link! - Nov 17 2006
Actually in the next version the skip taskbar entry will be included, I already programmed that because I also thought that this would be very handy :).

And the grip: I'm working on it! - Nov 16 2006
added the download link - thanks a lot :) - Nov 16 2006
Wishes added to TODO List :).

Also added your ebuild file to the downloads! Thx! - Oct 18 2006
Thanks => added to download links! - Oct 12 2006
You can copy the file ~/,kde/share/config/ktastatsrc to ~/.kde/share/config/ktastatsmodem0 - then you should have your old stats back :). - Oct 12 2006
Okay I think I found the problem - was one of those damn reg-exp :).

Get the latest version (0.3.4-2) and tell me if it works now! - Oct 12 2006
Does it actually work if you e.g. switch the interface to lo and then back to modem0? Does it then show any signs of activities?

ATM it's pretty much a miracle to me :). - Oct 12 2006
Thanks a lot - just added the link to the download links above! - Sep 23 2006
The settings for KTA are stored in the kde-config folder, which normally can be found at: ~/.kde/share/config/ . In there search for the file ktrafficanalyzerrc.

So full path is: ~/.kde/share/config/ktrafficanalyzerrc - Sep 23 2006
moc is a pre-processor of QT. Make sure /usr/lib/qt3/bin is in your path (assuming that /usr/lib/qt3/ is the qt path on your system). To do so just run the following command before running make:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/qt3/bin

That should do the trick :). - May 17 2006
1.) In the latest version (0.3.3) there are some options for configuring the window behaviour.
2.) You can't atm - I guess I will add an option for that too. - May 16 2006
Well the month starts with the first - why should there be an option to set a delay :)?

To keep it visible just use the KDE settings: Klick on the upper-left icon in the title-bar -> advanced -> keep in front (I don't know the exact English menu-point-names, as I translated it from German but you should get the idea :)). - Aug 19 2005
Thanks for adding it! - Aug 17 2005

1.) No there is no deb file - if you want to create one go for it - I will of course add it to my package :)

2.) Well atm there are no management functions of any kind - the problem is that all ifconfig etc. need root rights, and atm the tool is designed to work as any user - maybe I will add extra options IF the user is root. I will definately keep your idea in mind! - Aug 17 2005
Yes, I used that tool too - and I was also missing a similar tool under KDE. That's why I sat down and coded one :) - Mar 23 2005
No sorry - at the moment there is no kicker version of it. Maybe there will be in the future - but there are no plans for it yet. - Mar 23 2005
Well, at the moment the tool just reads /proc/net/dev, which makes it useable for any user no matter what rights he has (as /proc/net/dev is readable by everyone). As soon as I go into controlling the network it most propably will be necessary to be root to do so.

In fact I already planned to add control functions, but I guess it is still a long road to there (especially because I'm not really familiar with dial-up connections :)). - Mar 23 2005


Kopete Styles 3 comments

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Jun 14 2006
Very nice style! Was looking for something like that, because especially in IRC the icons can be very disturbing! - Feb 22 2007
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