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Mar 04 2014
Hi, you can download
MathMod from :
K3DSurf from :
For more infos:
or - Jul 24 2018
Hi Alberto,
Maybe this can help:
Abderrahman - Nov 25 2013
There is a work arround:
1)Try to "Run" povray: this will generate two files: and tesr.pov without having to view them.
2) You have to stop Povray when it starts (close the xwindow).
For the OBJ files, yon have an area in the corresponding menu for choosing the name on the OBJ file: if it's filed, K3DSurf will generate the OBJ file without loading it in the small editor.
- May 26 2009
To change the maximum resolution go to:
"Options:Export/Resolution/Optimisation" --> "Resolution" --> "MaxGrid ="
Also, you can use the "Config" option in the menu to enable K3DSurf to have your Maximum grid on the startup. - May 26 2009
You can set the grid resolution before generating the mesh:
1) deactivate the button "xyz"
2) move the slider to your resolution of choice
3) activate the button "xyz"
BTW, the maximum grid allowed is 500x500x500 which already need a huge amount of RAM...not to mention the size of the generated Mesh - May 26 2009
Open a DOS window and execute:
And wait for one hour or more. - Jul 18 2007
You're welcome :)
The next update will require Qt version above of 3.3.4 since I experienced some crashs under windows (it works under Linux with 3.3.4).
Also, suggestions and bugs should be reported here:
Taha - Apr 20 2007
> For some reason unknown to me, the build process stay
> here long not to continue!
The time compilation under Windows is quite long (45minutes for an Athlon 2GH/256M/WinXP) !
This message is just a warning from GCC and you have to be "very" patient when compiling K3DSurf under windows.
Taha - Apr 17 2007
You can still use it without OpenGL enabled: It works perfect for me even without hardware acceleration.
Also, Happy Birthday :)
Taha - Dec 01 2006
Long ago, you asked me about the use of OpenGL for K3DSurf. It's done and you can try this new version. Hope it's going to work for you now.
Taha - Nov 30 2006
Thanks :). Package updated along with the link.
Taha - Nov 27 2006
It's corrected and Arch Linux Added in the package list. Thanks for your contribution. - Nov 27 2006
Anyway, Png file format was dropped in Qt4 and K3DSurf will not use this feature in the future to make it compatible with Qt4. Perhaps in the next release I'll make some changes to the code. - Oct 07 2006
The only reason I can see for that is that gcc is using the wrong library to construct the final binary. Do you have Qt4 installed in your system? Perhaps gcc is trying to link this one instead of Qt3.
If Qt3 is installed, then you have only to specify the right path to Qt3 in the last command :
g++ -o ../bin/k3dsurf main.o panel.o Matrix3D.o IsoMatrix3D.o Model3D.o fparser.o edit.o Matrix4D.o Matrix5D.o videoplayer.o Matrix6D.o Iso3D.o IsoPanel.o k3dsurf.o newwindow2.o IsoWindow.o moc_panel.o moc_edit.o moc_videoplayer.o moc_IsoPanel.o moc_k3dsurf.o moc_newwindow2.o moc_IsoWindow.o -L/opt/qt/lib(you have to specify here the right path to Qt3) -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lqt-mt -lXext -lX11 -lm -lpthread - Oct 07 2006
It's done. Thanks :-) - Aug 15 2006
Sorry...It's here
You can guess from where I took the idea ;)... - Jun 26 2006
Here is K3DSurf's Forum (English/French) : - Jun 26 2006
I'm glad you like it :)
Regards. - Apr 01 2006
It seems that you didn't install Qt3 for MacOS. You can download it from here :
If you still have problems, please contact: Fran├žois Le Coat (, the maintainer of this package. - Jan 31 2006
cool :). It's weird because I don't have this include in my k3dsurf.cpp and newwindow2.cpp files... Anyway, have a fun :-) - Dec 16 2005
Oh yes, you can send it to : - Dec 15 2005
I think I got it. you don't have to change directory to "src" after the "qmake" commande. Just run :
cd k3dsurf-0.5.4; qmake; make;
That all. If it doesn't work, please make a ".zip" or ".tar.gz" file frome your k3dsurf-0.5.4 directory. I have to look at some of the generated files by your Qt configutaion.
Regards - Dec 15 2005
I don't see the "qmake" command.
Try : cd src; qmake ; make;
let me know if it works. - Dec 15 2005
Please send me report about your compilation problem and what version of GCC are you using. It works fine for me with gcc 3.4 - Dec 14 2005
Thanks gohanz :). I've added a link to your page for SlackWare package download. - Dec 14 2005
Hi all,
It seems that Kde-apps Database have lost infos about my last release(KDSurf 0.5.4) posted 3 days ago...Here it'is.
Anyway, Thanks to the Kde-apps team for there great job on seeting back this website. - Dec 13 2005
please send a screenshoot of K3DSurf on your machine to me or directly to this page :
(it's a request from NVIDIA Corporation).
They need also you to post a bug report from your system. I'v sent a screenshoot of K3DSurf but they need to compare it to a screenshoot on your machine. - Sep 17 2005
1)I've made a new Thread on Nvidea forums :
2) use your "" tool and send the report to "",
maybe they can help us to resolve this prob (for more infos : )
3) I'm not sure but it seems that nvidea released a new linux driver a week ago ( - Sep 17 2005
It looks like the problem come from Qt multithreading use along with nvidea driver...I'll try to find out a solution but it'll be difficult since no one has reported that prob before and that it depends on specific hardware. Qt forums don't help so much for this (I take a look at Qt Forums but the only advise for such problem was : Qt is not safe when using multithreading along with it's GUI)
see you - Sep 16 2005
I was talking about K3DSurf v0.5.3 for windows... - Sep 15 2005
K3DSurf v0.5.3 is now available. if it's too slow, try to :
1) set latency to 5ms (More Options-->latency)
2) Activate HSR and reduice it's quality to 1.
Hope this can help.
see you - Sep 15 2005
My machine is an Athlon 2GH with only 256M RAM and linux versin of K3DSurf use less than 40%CPU at (30x30)... You can accelerate animations by reduicing the "latency" to 5ms (MoreOptions-->Latency).
It's strange that Windows version is slow too (in my config, animation use almost 65% at 25x25). Windows version is 2 times slower than Linux version du to Qt multithread limitations (it wasn't easy to make it work there and sources code are not totally compatibles). K3DSurf 0.5.3 for windows is under work since, like I said before, it needs some tweaks to make it run (you can compile source code provided here for windows but animation and Morph will not work properly). Mac version don't need theses changes. I'm prety sure that the probleme is from an incompatibility between Qt and Nvidea drivers...So, right now, I'm afraid but you have to use parts of K3DSurf that works fine for you(povray mesh generation, view examples...) .
Also, you can can try K3DSurf in another machine (friends ?) to compare behaviors.
Let me know if things get better for you. - Sep 13 2005
You can also try the windows version(0.5.2) - Sep 13 2005
I think that your nvidea driver is not useful for K3DSurf (mine don't have OpenGl acceleration) and anim take less than 30% CPU (grid 25x25). Don't use height grid unless you need to export to POV or other file format. By the way, OpenGl is useful but I don't like the rendering (it's almost impossible to have an accurate rendering for the mesh). OpenGl is almost done but I prefer to concentrate right now on other features.
What grid are you using? - Sep 13 2005
Good luck anmaster :-) it happened to all of us at least once ;-). Hope you can run K3DSurf after that, let me know if it works for you - Sep 13 2005
1)You gcc is up to date but only in 3.3 branch...which mean that it use an old stdlib (version 5). There is another branch of gcc, the version 3.4 that use libstd (version 6). I'm not sure this will resolve your problem but I urge you to upgrade your gcc to the 3.4 branch (from Gentoo packages).
2) It seems that your nvidea opengl driver use heavely hadware acceleration even for non opengl programs. try, if you can, disable opengl acceleration to see if the drawing is ok (in general, this option is provided by a prorgam provided with the driver) - Sep 12 2005
The screenshoot was made under windows because it works there too. K3DSurf need only Qt, this is whay it works under windows and Mac.
K3DSurf don't need OpenGL since it use only Qt's 2D drawind...
I don't have any idea whay the drawing show only in one has pointed that probleme before...
Please try the Linux binary before to see if it resolve the probleme. If it works, then something is wrong with your compile framework. let me kow what happen - Sep 11 2005
I don't think so. I't would be nice if you can create one since I have no idea about Gentoo's spec. Thanks - Sep 11 2005
Seems this one is different from the Qthread compilation problem...can't tell exactly what happen but the problem seems to be the location of Qt. One solution of this is to remove the Makefiles .There are two: one in the root of k3dsurf directory, the other in src directory (to be sure that qmake will create new ones) and reexecute: qmake; make; command.
see you - Aug 04 2005
Thanks for reporting this to me but it's a bit strange because Qthread support is already declared in file and it should be sufficient. Also, the right commande to compile the source code is simply by typing in k3dsurf directory:
qmake; make;
if someone else have the same problem please repoted to me.
see you. - Jul 31 2005
Thanks...I'm glad you like it ;-). I'm still working on movie generation and looking for the best way to do it. see you - Jul 28 2005
I'm glad you like it :-)
You're right, there is a problem with the "^" function because it's equivalent in povscript is "pow". I'm going to fix that soon or completely delete this option since using the parametric description isn't so accurate because the main idea behind K3DSurf is to use a mesh description(for better performance).
see you - Jul 06 2005
for soon...I promess ;-) - Jul 04 2005
You can now download Linux binary of K3DSurf compiled with Qt 3.3.3
Let me know if this worked for you. What Linux version do you have?
I think it's too early to install Qt4 alone because the majority of applications don't use it right now and it will take time to do that. I'm working on the translation to Qt4 but it will take from 2 to 3 weeks to do that and it's likely that I will continue to support Qt3.x for at least 2 months. see you - Jun 30 2005
Ooops..yeh, I see that. Thanks for the notice ;-). I'll begin portage to Qt4 in the next days. It's good news for Windows and Mac users because we (Linux users) can now share our Linux application. So thanks to Qt team (from Trolltech).
see you soon - Jun 28 2005

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Apr 18 2013
Congratulation for Zhu3D. I just update K3DSurf to see that you too have done it few minutes before me :). Keep up the good work. - Nov 27 2006
Misfit Model 3D

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Mar 09 2009
Only one...Excellent! Thanks for the fine job. - Sep 17 2006

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Apr 24 2011
Very nice applications :). Is it possible to make it crossplatform by using only QT?
Thanks - Nov 13 2005

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by apol
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Jan 27 2008
Hope more visual application like this will show up into Linux (right now more than 90% are theses "gray" administratives tools ;-) )
Nice work. - Jun 26 2005

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Nov 07 2007
Download source code and compile it with theses five commands:
tar -xvzf ksystemlog-0.3.1.tar;
cd ksystemlog-0.3.1 ;
./configure ;
make ;
make install ;

it worked for me so I hope it will be the same for you.
And remember, the only stupid is the one that can't see his limits ;-)
Thanks lastnico for this good application. - Jun 23 2005