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Vladimir Kolev Cologne, Germany
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Jan 01 2012
Test with the following:
hg clone

cd gsharkdown

LANGUAGE=it_IT python

It's working for me - Aug 08 2011
Your translation is added, will be published in the next release. - Aug 06 2011
I forgot that you should be registered. Then send it to this mail: vladi at vladimirkolev dot com - Aug 06 2011
Okay no problem:
1. Go to
2. Enter as title: Italian translation
3. Set type to Proposal
4. Type some comment
5. Attach the .po file
and that's it ;) - Aug 05 2011
I will check this. The option to run the check for updates on application start was done very fast for the release, so I didn't checked everything as I should. Thanks for the report, but next time please use the Issue tracker @ bitbucket: - Jul 27 2011
Yep the problem with that the application didn't start was the grooveshark changes to their service. Now the issue is resolved and you can use it again. Pease update! - Jul 27 2011
I would say that grooveshark is blocking the application, I should check what was changed and try to fix it. - Jul 20 2011
Download is now relocated to the download page, since the problem is that many users still download the old version, that doesn't have to option to check if new version is released - Jul 17 2011