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Aaron Waite

Wallpapers Ubuntu by SoN1C 2 comments

Looks good! I've been trying to take a break from my SVG stuff and scrounging the net for some good "earthy" images like this as well. Keep up the good work! - Apr 26 2005
Evolution of Humanity

Wallpaper Other by PsyberOne 1 comment

Looks great! If you're doing your work in Inkscape, I'd love to see the SVG file available too - for us infinite tweakers. :o) - Mar 30 2005
Ubuntu Monotone Transparent SVG

Wallpapers Ubuntu by volvoguy 3 comments

It took me a while, but I think this is what you were looking for. - Mar 30 2005
Swirly Ubuntu SVG

Wallpapers Ubuntu by volvoguy 5 comments

No problem! In the future though, if you don't feel like waiting for my lazy replies, you can just open the file in Inkscape and delete the logo. Ain't SVG grand? :o) - Mar 29 2005
Swirly Ubuntu SVG

Wallpapers Ubuntu by volvoguy 5 comments

I understand about people with slow connections, but I think they deserve to be viewed full-sized in the "big screenshot" mode. Personally it drives me crazy when I want to get a close look at something and the big screenshot is the size of a postage stamp.

Having said that though, for all my future uploads I'm making the screenshots at 1024x768. - Mar 29 2005
ubuntu spike ball

Wallpapers Ubuntu by gfx 3 comments

You're correct that it's a Debian based distro with Gnome as the default, but adding KDE is just a few clicks away and many people are doing that. It's all good. :-) - Nov 18 2004
Take it easy

Wallpaper Other by freeflight 2 comments

Nice job freeflight! Hopefully we'll see some REAL drop shadows in an upcoming version of Ubuntu. The next release is supposed to use Woohoo! - Oct 31 2004