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Helge Hoel

Network by vvizard 15 comments

I nearly had the v0.2.0 complete, which was a MAJOR improvement compared to this version. Rewritten using the KDE libraries, proper build system, cleaned up UI, and lots of new functionality. Unfortunately I lost the sourcecode before I finished it for release. Currently I'm not working on this project. See a lot of "new" similar apps have appeared after this one.

But I have not given up I guess. I really want to do this program, because I have plenty of GREAT power-user ideas I've never seen in any other similar apps do.

If I ever do a rewrite, (which I hope I do), It'll probably wait for KDE4, and I will probably start with it Christmas 2007. (due to work issues) - Feb 23 2007

Network by vvizard 15 comments

The "Just around the corner" release went down the drain when my laptop-screen took a capital hit from airline handling.. I have not forgot about the project though, and I'm still working on it from time to time when I have free time. Won't promise anything about the next release, but 0.2 will be released "sometime in the future", as it's almost ready.. - May 05 2005

Network by vvizard 15 comments

Don't know what's going on there. Back in the army from my christmas-leave now. Will try to correct the issues asap, but probably it'll take a day or two. The new version 0.2 is "just around" the corner also, supporting a bunch of bugfixes, a proper build-system, no more hardlinked binary paths, support for dhcpcd, pump, dhcilent, etc,etc.. - Jan 13 2005

Network by vvizard 15 comments

Yeah that's a challenge. For myself, I ignore the distro-way of bringing up my wlan-card. I'm using gentoo-scripts for my ethernet-card, but use my wlan-card manually with dhcp. Your point is a good one, things might change, but trying to support every distro might be a challenge. Might look a bit into how pcmcia-cs works. IIRC, they support quite a few distros native methods for dealing with bringing cards up/down. - Dec 27 2004

Dolphin Service Menus by morgenrot 3 comments

This is a great service-menu. Thanks - Dec 26 2004

Wallpaper Other by hacki80 8 comments

Did you like Norway? I'm serving as a Corporal in the Norwegian Armed Forces. Stationed in North of Norway, not to far away from Lofoten. Sure is a bit more snow and colder whether now, than when this shot was taken :) But ATM: I'm on christmas-leave where I'm originally from (south-east of Norway). Would like a higher resolution though. 1920x1200 would be great for my laptop-monitor :) - Dec 23 2004
keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments

Thanks for this great package! - Nov 06 2002