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May 09 2020
Please check out the Git version:
If your problem is not yet solved in the Git version (commit 82b40d1), I'd be grateful for your bugreport on Github. - May 06 2020
Please report bugs, issues and feature requests on GitHub (link above).
I've just committed relevant changes to the workspace-switcher in Xfce 4.12 and Xfce 4.14.
To enjoy the latest commits, you can download and install the Shades-of-gray pre-release Git version from GitHub. - Dec 26 2019
Glad you could solve it!
The last posts have crossed in order :) - Sep 13 2019
Please feel free to report your issue on Github (link above). - Sep 13 2019
StarLabs Dark just needs pixmap (gtk2-engines-pixbuf). Shades-of-gray also requires murrine.
Did you install the package gtk2-engines-murrine? - Sep 12 2019
No, neither with Double Commander 0.9.2 in Ubuntu 19.04 nor with 0.9.6 in Arch Linux. - Sep 12 2019
Sorry, of course "Ubuntu 19.04" ... - Sep 12 2019
Your 2nd screenshot shows a working GTK2 theme (StarLabs Dark) with doublecmd-gtk-0.9.2-1, which is part of Ubuntu 19.4.

Your 1st screenhot shows doublecmd-gtk-0.9.6-beta that is not included in Ubuntu 19.4 repositories. Here the GTK2 theme (Shades-of gray) is broken.

Is that probably the cause? Are shared libraries missing or in inadequate versions?

In Ubuntu 19.4 with doublecmd-gtk-0.9.2-1 everything is fine with me: - Sep 12 2019
I reproduced and fixed the bug of the invisible slider (Gnome panel). I can't see a problem with the progress bar and need more information.
Please post your issue on Github so that we can discuss, fathom and solve this problem: - Dec 17 2018
Thanks for your report. It is fixed now in

Sorry for the inconvenience of a new update. - Dec 16 2018
Thank you for your feedback! - Dec 16 2018
You can easily change this behavior. Please have a look at the Shades-of-gray-FAQ.html. I've also added a section for vertical spacing of menu items. - Dec 16 2018
Thank you for your feedbacks and ratings!

I've uploaded the used backgrounds (Wallpapers.tar.gz).

The theme icons are Numix-Circle and Numix-Folders (grey folders):

In Openbox I'm using Polybar with icons of the fonts DejaVu Sans Mono, MaterialIcons, Icomoon and UbuntuMono NerdFont. - Dec 16 2018
Did you select GTK+ in "chrome://settings"? - Sep 17 2018
I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood - you meant the Chrome/Chromium panel. In version 69 the GUI was changed (hard-coded). Please call "chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md" in urlbar and select "Normal". If that doesn't solve the problem, let's please discuss this on Github. - Sep 17 2018
In the file Shades-of-gray-FAQ.html I have added how you can change the Gnome panel color.
If you think something is not working properly, please post your bug report on Github (see link above). - Sep 17 2018
I can reproduce it. It only affects the Block analyzer, all others (Bar-, Boom-, Turbine analyzer) process the color value correctly.
Clementine gets the color value from gtrc. This single hex value is the only difference between the gtrc theme files.
I have tried different hex color values - some are parsed properly, others are replaced by fallback color. I think it's is a problem in Block analyzer converting hex color to QColor format. - Aug 04 2018
Is the system color set selected in Clementine?
Preferences → Appearance → Use the system default color set
The colors of the spectrum analyzer should then be displayed as expected. - Aug 03 2018
Sorry, my reply took some time. I have set up a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 (I normally use Arch Linux). Gnome-tweaks looks right to me with Ubuntu- and Gnome-Shell:
Probably a problem with Wayland? In case of discussing please post your issue on Github (link above). - Jul 24 2018
I don't like it. But I have added a file "Customization-FAQ" with a description how to customize visible separators. - Jul 22 2018
Thank you gyll. The menu distance is fixed in - Jul 21 2018
Thank you for your bug report!
I had accidentally commented out a necessary instruction in gtk.css (line 4294). The bug is fixed now in 1.0.3. - Jul 03 2018