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Felipe Uribe Medellí­n, Colombia

GTK3 Themes 64 comments

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Aug 16 2014
refresh download, - Mar 15 2013
sorry in file:

line:1040 ~ - Feb 21 2013
understand, for the moment I'll explain how. I have a busy week and hope to upload another theme gtkwhite and look if you have integrated blue in themes.

.menu .menuitem:hover {


.menu .menuitem:hover {

regards - Feb 21 2013
hello, I want to work on gtk2, only it is very difficult for the restriction of the platform. Plane-GTK3 project takes 3 .. 4 months, I am currently working on a white version and a simple set of icons, I hope at some point make significant progress on gtk2, qt and future mobile versions of ubuntu.
Thank you for your feedback.
greetings. - Feb 19 2013
hello, you can send me a picture of how you want and if we do look good :) - Feb 19 2013
hi, the problem is with firefox gtk2 and do not support the template, there is a patch that believes and is:


copy file in the folder "if no chrome, create, associate the file with the folder":

regards - Feb 19 2013
solved :) - Feb 18 2013
Hi, well let's fix it, I can get more info,
-where you see errors.
Thanks for commenting. - Feb 18 2013
hola, descarga los iconos en la carpeta: /usr/share/icons/
luego puedes utilizar la herramienta: tweak-tool-gui.
por aca te dejo la url de como instalar,

saludos - Feb 13 2013
Hello shrijith1, I'm glad you like the theme.
and reviewed possible causes but I understand that you may be taking extra produciendoles machine.
Today you update files in correcting some aspects checks and radios buttons, and a call to remove a file that does not exist.
Sure I am willing to help me with the performance.

PS: I use translators to communicate, you do not understand? writes do not understand to enlarge the subject. thank you! - Feb 02 2013
hello, I'm glad you like. installed it in: usr / share / themes? Restart.
write me if the problem persists try to find the problem, because the theme is lighter in code, inherited styles which do not nicely ubuntu guys, use code unlike images and most of the charge in svg images. - Jan 30 2013
I understand, I can have an approach to the problem. I said that there are problems with permits, I will check user permissions and compressed.
I will perform tests to identify problems versions.
Soon publishes a video installation. - Jan 28 2013
hello, thank you very much for the comment. :)
I can send a screenshot of the problem

regards - Jan 27 2013
Hello, I'm glad you like it, is still under development, I am working in free time, eh begun once a dark style finish with this I still have the issue clear and then with color variants.
thanks for the comment of granting rights and work it on the root of the issues, is the kind of comments that help me to continue. - Jan 22 2013
Hello soon translated into English.
regards - Jan 21 2013
Hola, me alegra que te guste, aun esta en fase de desarrollo, le estoy trabajando en tiempo libre, eh comenzado con el estilo oscuro una ves termine con este sigo con el tema claro y luego con las variantes en colores.
gracias por el comentario de darle permisos y trabajarlo sobre el root de los temas, es el tipo de comentarios que me ayudan para seguir. - Jan 07 2013
Hola. claro lo estoy desarrollando en gtk 3.x, una vez termine en gtk3 comienzo a integrar los widgets en gtk2, por ahora el gtk2 solo hace fuego con el entorno de colores.

Saludo. - Jan 06 2013
Felipe black kde Colors

Plasma Color Schemes 3 comments

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Oct 28 2012
Hello, I resolved,;), redownload.

I recommend this font:

and these icons:
Hola, ya lo solucione, ;), vuelvelo a descargar.

te recomiendo esta fuente:

y estos iconos: - Sep 01 2012
Felipe white kde Colors

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

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Sep 01 2012
La fuente es la Roboto condence, solo que tuve problemas al instalarla ya que el sistema utiliza la Roboto Regular, y yo queria la condence, para ello utilice edite, creando una variación, te adjunto un link a ella. .
-Saludos- - Aug 26 2012
Human X

Metacity Themes 3 comments

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Feb 03 2010
Hi, your package is pretty icons, where I get it, as it is called the icon theme? - Feb 05 2010
Joker theme openbox

Openbox Themes
by darkchaos

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9   Jun 26 2018
La Capitaine

Full Icon Themes
by krourke

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3   Jun 05 2017